Pip’s art

I got a note home the other day to let me know that my daughter Pip, age 6, had her art up on display at the school’s office.


Much to my surprise it looked just like a quilt!  I think she did a fabulous job and I’m thinking an actual quilt may need to be created based off this piece …

Dresden Neighborhoods–A Fabulous Gift

When you sell items on etsy and scroll to the bottom of the main shop page you can see reviews that folks leave about your item.  Customers can not only leave reviews but they can attach pictures too.Fullscreen capture 12162017 73647 AM

The other day I was shocked when I saw this picture and review! Shocked in a good way of course!dresden neighborhood projects by Liz pattern by Kim Lapacek

This particular customer – Liz, made five pillows and two mini quilts from my Dresden Neighborhood pattern for Christmas gifts!  I seriously couldn’t love this any more than I do!  Seeing what other folks make from a pattern that I dreamed up one day is pretty darn amazing. 

If you make a project using any of my patterns (not just Dresden Neighborhood) I would LOVE to see them!  You can either directly email me a picture – lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com or join my group “Quilt and Dream Along with Kim Lapacek” and share your creations there!

Are you a quilt shop owner or teacher?  My Dresden Neighborhood pattern is one of my most popular classes and I’d love for it to be shared everywhere!  You can purchase patterns wholesale HERE.

Ugly Sweater Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks

Last year Kid Giddy held a sew along to make her #uglysweaterblock.  I was in for sure!  This block makes me laugh! Of course – I made the blocks and never did anything with them … I’m sure that never happens to you.Ugly Sweater Block pieced by Kim Lapacek, pattern by KidGiddy

This is the time of the year I go through my sewing area to do a little cleaning and organizing before the next season of Project QULITING starts.  That is when I realized I had these four fabulous blocks just sitting and waiting for me to do something.

What would you do?

A. Mini quilt – just put them all together

B. Four separate mug rugs?  (I would add piecing to the sides so that you wouldn’t have to cover up the sweater with the mug)

C. Keep making more! Create a big quilt like Kid Giddy is doing!

D. Other.

Remembering Nancy Zieman

This Saturday, Quilt Expo and Wisconsin Public Television are hosting an event “Remembering Nancy Zieman.”  While I can’t make it to this event I felt that this is a good time to share with you my few minutes that I was honored to spend with Nancy Zieman.  It’s also very appropriate since Project QUILTING, Season 9 starts in just under a month!

If this video isn’t working just click HERE to go to the WPT page.

Tiny Tomte’s Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks

I know I’ve already done a post that features Tomte’s but I’m obsessed!  They are just so darn adorable.  I went ahead and purchased MossandLotus’s PDF Pattern Tompte Bundle.Tiny Tomte blocks pieced by Kim Lapacek, Pattern by Moss and Lotus

The only way to get the pattern for these Tiny Tomte’s (finish 2-inches square) is to get the bundle!  These are all I have had time to make … a rainbow of tiny tomte’s!  Once I clear out some more room in my sewing area I’m definitely going to tackle some of the bigger blocks.

These little dude’s will help me create the perfect mini quilt that hangs on the wall near our Christmas tree.  I can’t wait. 

Are you following along with the #MossandLotusTomteSAL on Instagram?  Just click the hashtag to see all the adorable blocks and creations being made!

Pip at Level 2 State Gymnastics

My baby – yes she’s 6 – but she’s still my baby, had her Level 2 State Gymnastics meet today.  I have to admit now that I’ve been through it with my big girls I’m not quite as stressed out at the meet.  The great thing about Level 2 is everyone gets a trophy and everyone gets a medal.  Which is something I don’t agree with always – but for littles, getting up in front of everyone for their first time and performing gymnastics – yes, everyone going away with a prize is appropriate.  Don’t worry – by the time the kids move onto Level 3 the “everyone gets a prize” thing is over.  (And yes – my big girls don’t always earn a medal/trophy but it really makes them work harder and I’m ok with that).  gymnastics pip trophy

Pip started her meet on beam and got an 8.9!  Which is amazing!!!! Her routine was beautiful!

gymnastics pip

Next up was floor and she rocked that as well!  It’s so crazy how tight she stays and what pointy toes she has.

gymnastics pip gold

Then it was vault.  For whatever reason this is her nemisis.  She has the weirdest run ever – seriously – it’s “odd”.  Anyway – she did the best she’s done and ended up with a score of 8.75.  Woot!

gymanstics pip sisters

Finally it was uneven bars.  Now this is typically her best event … if she can get her mill circle it’s near perfect.  Well – this time she got her mill circle too well and went around twice!  Cringe!  So … she got a 7.85.  Oh well!  She did her best and had fun!  No big deal.

Now wait – in level 2 they give a bronze medal to the bottom half, then a silver to the next quarter and gold medals to the top quarter.  They’re announcing the bronze … no Pip.  I’m sure she’ll be announced with the silver.  Nope!  She took 5th with a gold medal!  I’m amazed!!!! I’m so proud of that kiddo!  I guess her scores were solid enough to get her that gold! 

It was a great year of gymnastics for all my girls!  I can’t thank the coaches enough for the patience they have with my girls and how much they’ve taught them.  Gymnastics is not an easy sport and it has done so much for all of my kiddos. 

DIY Cloth Napkins

Every year at my orchard I have a big craft sale called the “Hand Crafted Hoedown for the Holidays.” I like to make some things that help me use up my stash and also makes me a little bit of money too. 


This year I whipped up some cute cloth napkins using layer cakes!  They are easy peasy and turn into really cute re-usuable cloth napkins!


I made some that were Christmas themed and some that could be used all year round. IMG_8549 I didn’t take any process pictures but all you do is sew two pieces of a layer cake right sides together 1/4” all around the squares – leaving about a 4-inch space not sewing together.  Flip like you would when you make a pillow.  Press the seams sharply, making sure to tuck the 4-inch not sewn space under.  Top stitch an 1/8-inch around the entire napkin edge!  Voila!  You have an adorable cloth napkin!

I sold quite a few at my sale but if I can get my act together you may see a few in my etsy shop over the next week or so …

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