Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage Anniversary!

Today is the anniversary of the Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Along designed by Lori Holt.  I’m excited to have been one of the blogger’s along that journey and again happy to be part of the anniversary blog hop. 


Check out this amazing block Lori Holt designed for this celebration – a Layer Cake!  This block is completely pieced and super fun and easy to do!  I had a lot of fun picking out just the right fabrics for this block. 

If you want to make a Layer Cake Block head on over to the Fat Quarter Shop’s blog to get the free block pattern.

18 other bloggers have also joined in the fun of this anniversary celebration and I can’t wait to head over to there blogs and see what fabrics they used on their Layer Cake Block.

Scrappy Quilter Feature–Christa Watson of Christa Quilts

It’s that time of the month again – Scrap Quilt Inspiration time!   How are everyone’s scrap quilts coming along for the big scrap challenge!? I’m really excited to introduce you to an amazing quilter that I have come to know over the last year and her talent just blows me away – Christa Watson of ChristaQuilts (QuiltWithChrista on Facebook and @christaquilts on instgram). 

Lightning“Lightening” from Christa’s first book, Machine Quilting With Style: From Walking-foot Wonders to Free-motion Favorites

I hope you enjoy the fun interview Christa filled out for me below! (remember K means Kim (aka me) and C means Christa!)

K: Why do enjoy using fabric scraps for quilting?

C: I love putting as many fabrics as I can into a quilt. My philosophy is why choose one fabric when twenty will do?

K: Do you have a secret or tip for storing your scraps?

C: It's too much visual clutter for me to store my scraps in bins or buckets. So I only keep larger pieces and store them all together with my stash by color.

---Ripples“Ripples” from Christa’s first book, Machine Quilting With Style: From Walking-foot Wonders to Free-motion Favorites

K: If someone where to have given you one tip for sewing/quilting when you first started - what do you wish they would have told you?

C: That it's ok to get rid of fabrics you don't love. I held onto them for 20 years thinking I would use them "someday" but finally purged the excess a few years ago. Now I have a much smaller stash that WORKS! I can see what I have and am excited about everything in my stash.

K: What's your favorite color to use in your quilts?

C: I really love citrus colors - reds, oranges, yellows, greens. But I'm also finding that lately I've been drawn to graphic blacks and whites.

The two quilts pictured here can be found in my first book. Modern versions of a Rail Fence (Lightning) and Log Cabin (Ripples). They both used the combination of "controlled scrappy" and "structured improv" and I didn't even realize it until they were done. I love the idea of calming the chaos with a controlled color palette and then using as many different fabrics in those colors as possible. Although I love improv, I really enjoy making more structured blocks. I usually do this in one of two ways (1) creating my own fabric and then cutting it up into recognizeable shapes, or recreating traditional quilt blocks with wonky piecing. You can recognize the block, but no two blocks are exactly alike.

Head on over to Christa’s blog to learn more about how she stores her scraps and how she makes scraps work for her!

Christa has two great FREE scrappy block patterns already available –


Block 29 Scrappy Happy Heart for the Splendid Sampler and christa's star blockChrista’s Star block as the 2016 March Aurifil Designer of the Month.

I hope you enjoy!  If you make either or both of Christa’s scrappy blocks please feel free to link up and share them below and/or in the Scrap Quilt Challenge facebook group!

A Round of Sake Quilt Block

Happy June 11th!  Of course – the 11th of the month means it’s time to vote for your favorite “Everything Old is New Again” Monthly block challenge over at Modern Quilts Unlimited.  Of course – I made one again.

Fullscreen capture 6102016 101628 PM

This months block challenge was the “Drunkard’s Path.”

I have to admit it – I hate making the drunkard’s path block.  I just don’t have the patience for curved piecing.   I know it’s possible and I could do it … if I wanted to take the time to make sure I pinned my seams and stitched a little slower for accuracy … but it’s definitely not my favorite block.  So I decided I would take a route for this block that would allow me to avoid any curved piecing … I would applique.


I had planned on using the panel for the entire background of the block … until I pulled out what was left of my panel and realized I only had a 10” side strip left.  Easy fix – add some solid plum to it!  This is one of those cases that running out of fabric was a good thing.  Adding the strip of solid plum definitely helps create interest to this block.  Next, on a piece of paper that was 12.5” x 12.5” I sketched out how I wanted my drunkard’s path to be.  I then cut out the curves to use them as templates for the fusible.  I roughly added an 1/8 of an inch to both sides of the center of the curve to define where the seams would have been had I stitched them.


Once my fusible pieces were ready, I measured out onto the block where the curves need to be and I fused them down.  I used Heat N Bond Light for my fusible so I did stitch around the edges of all of the shapes. 

I’m really happy with how the block turned out and think I might even try to make more of them and see what they look like all pieced together! 

If you like my block too please take a moment to vote for it at the Modern Quilts Unlimited website by clicking HERE.  I would really appreciate your support!

modern quilts unlimited blocks

And with that … my 11th block is complete!  Just one more block to go and then I have to decide how I’m going to set these into a quilt top … should be a fun little challenge to end my summer!




Schools Out for Summer

I can’t believe it!  Today was officially the first day of summer vacation for my two older girls.  As of right now I have a Kindergartener, a third grader, and a fourth grader!  Time flies by so fast!


The left is the first day of school … right is the last day of school.

It’s crazy how fast they grow and how much they learn in just the 9 months they’re at school.  Both girls had wonderful teachers this school year and we’re all very grateful for all that they’ve done for the girls.  I made them each a fun pineapple quilt block too!

I really just think these make wonderful little gifts and the girls enjoy picking out the colors for their teachers.


Pip graduated last week but I didn’t post any pictures … so here she is on her first day and her last day!  Now the next trick is to figure out how I’m going to enjoy the summer with my girls but still squeeze in some time to sew!  Do you have any tips on how you still find time when you’re house is full and busy?


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Teacher Gifts Round 1

Today my youngest “graduates” from 4K.  I can’t believe how fast it’s gone!  Seriously?!  Everyone tells you that time flies when they’re young but you don’t realize just how fast until it’s your youngest graduating from 4K!  Next year I’ll have three kids in school FULL TIME!  It’s going to be insane!  … and a bit lonely. 


But it is also incredible to see them grow and learn and discover new things.  Pip had some amazing 4K teachers to help her along this journey in life.  They did some super cute projects – one of my favorite is that at the beginning of the year the kids had to earn there “Scissors License”.  They actually got a slip of paper saying they were licensed to use a scissors … Pip is still proud of that to this day!

Of course … I needed to make some gifts for the teachers.

friendship pineapple for teacher gift

I started with Pip’s main teacher – Ms. T.  I made her a friendship pineapple block that is framed.  The pattern and kit come from Fabrications by Doris and I did my first live video on facebook showing off these fabulous kits.

paper pieced butterfly for teacher gift

Ms. Carol was next.  Ms. Carol has actually taught all three of my girls in 4K.  It’s fun to have the same teacher throughout the years and she did an amazing job!  For Ms. Carol’s mini quilt I used a BONUS block from The Splendid Sampler.  Lillyella designed these fabulous butterflies and you can make some too! I love how this little block looks all framed up!


And now … we’re off to the graduation ceremony!  I hope they like there gifts! 

teacher quilt gifts

linked up to Crazy Mom Quilts

Therm O Web Block of the Month–Mai Fleur

Ack!  I’m late posting this!  In my defense … today is the last day of school for my youngest daughter … and I thought she had school until next Wednesday!  Which meant … I had to whip up some quick teacher gifts!  Anyway – let’s check out what the eighth block in the Therm O Web Block of the Month Series looks like.


You can find out more about this block and see all eight of them together over at Therm O Web’s blog!  This may be my favorite one so far …



Memorial Day Weekend Deals and Fun!

Good morning everyone!  Well … it’s sort of good morning.  It’s pretty overcast and windy outside in my neck of the woods right now.  Which is actually a good thing because that means – perfect weather for sewing!  Okay – back on track.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend which means many things – including Brat Fest in Madison, WI.  Last night we took our girls to Brat Fest and there was a booth there that had all the supplies out for my girls to write thank you’s to the soldiers over seas.  I thought that was such a wonderful idea and my girls really enjoyed creating letters that will hopefully bring smiles to the soldiers. 

Our long weekend will be spent with the family (and hopefully a little in the sewing room) doing family stuff.  But I do hope to find some time to do a little online – there are some fabulous deals and fun things happening this weekend.  I thought I’d take a minute to share a few of those.  I have to tell you that some of these, if you click through and make a purchase I will receive a portion of the sales but I won’t recommend anything I wouldn’t do/buy myself!  Deal!?

Hand Sewing

You’ll rarely find me anywhere without a project in my hands.

My first stop I am not affiliated with … but I LOVE!  Spool!

With summer break just a few days away I’m always on the lookout for some great take-along projects.  And what did I find in the “Weekly Deals” section?  Leather Cuff Kits!!!!  I already have two in my cart as I type this.  This will seriously be the perfect project as I sit and watch softball games this summer.

make modern

My next feature is not a sale … but a challenge.  You all know I love me a challenge!  The “Make Modern” Magazine is hosting a #MMminiminchallenge from the 20th of May through the 20th of June.  Be sure to check out HERE for more details … but basically it’s a challenge to make miniature quilts!  If this icky weather keeps up I’m thinking this could be a fun project with my girls this weekend!

Oooh .. there’s a fabulous “… of the Month” happening at Creativebug Inc – I definitely need to catch up on at least the Block of the Month one, Folk Flower Block by Anna Maria Horner … (I don’t know how to knit but I’m thinking the bag looks pretty cute too!)

CreativeLive is having a fabulous sale from today through May 30th – 25% off all classes

I did a quick browse through to see which ones are on my wish list …

Pretty much any of the classes in Art & Design but most specifically Design Surface Patterns from Scratch by Bonnie Christine  and I sort of am interested by the Typography Fundamentals one too.

Create Digital Products that Sell While you Sleep – yes please! 

Okay – in just the 5 minutes I spent browsing I found at least 10 classes I want to purchase so I highly recommend taking a look through. I don’t have a lot of time to sit and watch classes so I will often play them as I’m sewing.  I’ll keep a little notebook nearby in case I need to stop and take notes.  And the cool thing is … you can always scroll back if you need to see it again! 

See All the June Book Selections at Book of the Month

One of my favorite thing about summer is the Summer Reading Program at the library!  I’m extra excited this year as my girls just recently discovered there love of reading (it was killing me that it took so long!)  I have a feeling we’ll be incorporating “read alongs” into our world a lot more this summer!

Bookspan is offering - 50% off 3-month Book of the Month memberships with code SUMMER50.  Take advantage of this fabulous deal before it’s over!!!

One last plug before I leave you to enjoy your weekend – are you ready for the pool?  Last summer I went to Mexico and I found some great suits on ModCloth.  The coolest part – returning the clothes that didn’t fit me was beyond easy – which is key for my online shopping experience.  I’ve found that ordering online, with easy returning is so much easier than trying to go to dressing rooms with three girls. Pip’s favorite thing to shout out as I’m changing in Target or Old Navy, “I just love your boobs mama.”  Which is adorable and cute … but unnecessary.  Much nicer to just go through it all in my own home.  My favorite things from ModCloth so far have been the swimming suits, tops and dresses. 

ModCloth’s weekend deal: Extra 20% off already reduced sale items at ModCloth and New Customer Offer: $20 off $100

They are unique, flattering and comfortable!  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t ask for more.

And now – I’m off to the sewing room. The girls are happily jumping on the trampoline outside with there dad watching so I get a little me time!  Have a great weekend!