Capri Grace Lapacek

Now that you've heard a little about my oldest, Cedi, I'll tell you a little about my youngest.

From Christmas Card Possibilities

Capri Grace Lapacek, was born on February 24th, 2008...her due date. My sister-in-law called me around 1:00pm that day and wished me happy due date...I told her to shut up, she was never coming out. We called my in-laws around 4:00 to come and pick up Cedi. Capri was born at 8:16. This time I got the drugs and it was wonderful (although I didn't get them until I was was still great!).

Capri is my happy baby. As soon as she figured out how to smile that was all she did. You would just look at her and she would have a huge grin from ear to ear...enough to make your heart just melt. She's a little less laid back than Cedi but really nothing I can complain about it. Capri is just starting to stand on her own and I'm expecting to see her take her first step any day now.

I am really blessed with amazing children. I had always wanted boys, knew I would get girls because I deserved them, and now that I have two girls I wouldn't want it any other way.

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