Mercedi Rose Lapacek

I know that I will be mentioning my children throughout this blog a lot so I thought I would introduce them. I'll start with my oldest...

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Mercedi Rose Lapacek

Cedi was born on 11/29/06 (I know! She's going to be two on Saturday!) after a short four and a half hour induced labor. She was born naturally (which I don't recommend) because once she started to come there was no stopping her. She was tiny but long (6 lbs 13 oz, 20-inch) and still has the same figure. Cedi was and still is very independent. When we would try to hold her she would scream until we laid her down. We soon figured out she would rather just be on her own. My only complaint would be that I didn't get to cuddle her very much before she was 1...I think I had one day of cuddling and that's because she had a fever.

Cedi is still a very good kid. She is going through a phase of fits if she doesn't get what she wants but we're trying to either ignore it or do the time out thing. It seems to be working, but it definately is hard at times.

Cedi is talking A LOT! When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, her response was, "BOOBIES!" I couldn't stop laughing and I still haven't figured out how to give that to her.

I'm sure you'll hear much more about her in upcoming posts...

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