Craft Sale at Lazy Jane's - Last Night's Report

Well, the etsy streetTeam Wist craft sale at Lazy Jane's Cafe on Willy Street in Madison, WI, was a big success last night! It was super fun too! I was able to meet a lot of the talented artists from Wisconsin and see there things in person instead of just over the internet...people really come up with some amazing things!

I was also amazed at the number of people that came to check out the sale! There was a line outside waiting before we opened to the public and it was rainy! I think champagne and apple cider (freshly pressed the night before by yours truly, of course) helped get them there but I'm sure they weren't disappointed with the craft selection they saw.

One sale that I am most proud of is when one lady was looking at the chunky bracelets that I make but she didn't want to try them on. I showed her the one I was wearing so she could see how they can shape to each individual's wrists...she said, "oooh, do have one for sale in those colors." I didn't, so I responded, "No, but this one is for sale." And what to you know, I made a sale. This is the second time this season that I was able to sell something that I was wearing!

When nine o'clock rolled around and it was clean up time, one of the other crafter's husbands' told me it was going to take me at least an hour to clean up my stuff. You have to realize that I have had farmer's markets and craft sales all summer and fall so I've pretty much perfected my system. I was able to load eleven apple crates, one box and my table in my van from the second floor of Lazy Janes in, what? That's right, 24 minutes! Ironically, the man and his wife were still picking up there things when I said my good-byes. It was nice though, his "bet" made me work even faster than I probably would have and I was home by 10.

Well, keep you eye on my site the next few days. I will be listing a bunch of new things!

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