A Chat with UniquelyNancy

I found UniquelyNancy (http://www.uniquelynancy.etsy.com/) through my Quiltsy team. She makes amazing bags and quilts. I based my G R E E N V I O U S treasury around her bag (shown in the upper left corner). Nancy gracefully agreed to do an interview for me. Here's what she had to say:

I have been doing all kinds of arts and crafts since i was very little. My mother took drawing and painting classes when we were little (around 7 or 8 yo) and then taught us what she learned. We would go for drives and stop to draw a barn or scene to show how we look at things differently. Then I took art in high school. I have been sewing since I turned 8yo because that was the age my mother felt we could handle a machine. I have done craft shows for 20 years selling everything from childrens clothes to folk art. About 20 years ago I made a simple quilt to raffle at our church and have been making them ever since. Purses were a natural progression from there.

I did wood working for years making wooden dolls and merry-go rounds and other fun collectibles. My mother and I opened a dollhouse shop the year I got married and I started making dollhouse furniture. Then DD (Dear Daughter) wanted a doll that was popular at the time so I started making doll clothes. As the kids grew I made most of their clothes. Then DD got into theater and I got hooked on costuming. A designer like my work so much that she hired me to work for her and we do several shows a year. But quilts and purses are my passion.

My artist daughter wanted to sell her artwork so she researched the net and found Etsy. She convinced me to join and open my own shop so I didn't have to do craft shows any more. We now have three shops between us since we opened a vintage shop to sell some of the Stage clothes we collected over the years.

I always wanted my own store but never was able to handle it between kids and taking care of elderly family. Etsy made my dream come true. It took a long time to get my shop up and running but it was worth the wait. My advice to the new members out there, don't give up. Treat your shop like you would if it was a brick and mortar store. Add new inventory, advertise and treat your customers well.

I hope you take a few minutes to check out Nancy's shop!


  1. What a fantastic shop, great post!

  2. Wonderful interview. It was nice to learn a little more about Nancy, and great of you to post it.


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