Block Exchange - TEAM QUILTSY

I am participating in a block exchange. We are all making 12, 12.5" blocks, sending them to one person and then she's going to send each participant 12 blocks made by other people. I'm so excited!

Here was the challenge this year:

Block Exchange Guidelines!
This is one of the best instructions I have found for string pieced blocks:

Since we are making 12" blocks, I would recommend starting with a 13 inch foundation to give a little trimming room so the blocks will square up well. Your strips can vary in width, and you'll find the the more you try to not match your strips the better your blocks will look! Trim your blocks to 12 1/2 inches and you are ready to go!Each participant will make 12, 12 1/2 inch blocks and send them to Pam by February 28. I will provide each of you with my address. Please send return postage with your blocks - with this amount of participants this will be very much appreciated! Please label your blocks with your name and Etsy shop so we will know who made the blocks for our quilts.Just one note on the blocks, please use fabrics that are washable, these are likely to be quilts that we'll want to use and will need to be laundered from time to time! If we all use 100% cotton, we should have no problems enjoying our quilts later. I think that's about it, so run to your scrap bins and get sewing! Can't wait to see the results (post your blocks on flickr if you'd like so we can drool over them! Look for a convo from me, through your etsy shops!

Well, I had tons of fun making my blocks! This block was the very first one I made.

By the next day I had 7 done!

Not too much after that I had all twelve of my blocks completed! It was a really fun project that went together really quickly and used a lot of my scrap fabric. I enjoyed the fact that I was finding scraps from some of my very first quilts and bags! I still have a lot left too, so another stip quilt may be on my to do list again soon!


  1. How very cool! Will you share with us the blocks you get? Your completed project?

  2. I definately'll be awhile though...we're not exchanging blocks until the end of February!


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