How Can I Stay Warm This Winter?

Well, I have an easy answer to that question...with one of my quilts! I mostly make child sized blankets but some would work wonderfully for a lap blanket as well. Also, gotta keep those kiddo's warm...(yes, I'm shamelessly promoting my own work in this blog :)) Click on any of the quilt names to find out more info/prices on the actual quilts.

This quilt is one of my favorites. I named it the Sunrise Curtain Quilt. It originally started as being a curtain for my bathroom, but once I finished it I realized it was way to beautiful to be a curtain and made it into this gorgeous, vibrant lap quilt. A drogonfly design was quilted by my aunt-in-law, Barb, from QuiltsbyBarb.

This Scrappy Square quilt is much smaller and would be perfect for a child or to keep a wall warm! A gorgeous design was quilted on this one also by my aunt-in-law Barb.

Now, this quilt, my Rainforest Flannel Quilt is as cozy as it sounds. I used all flannel when making this gorgeous, bright quilt. There are quite a few fun images for a child to look at and it will keep them super warm. A frog pattern was quilted onto this quilt by Barb.

My Pink Frog Quilt is completely not my standard quilt. I used pastel pink and green frog printed material to make this one. Perfect for a pastel fan. My aunt-in-law, Barb Raisbeck, did the machine quilting with a feathered pattern on the interior of the quilt and loops on the border, with her long-arm machine. Of course, I used flannel as the backing to make it extra warm and cozy.

I made the Ocean Water Wheel quilt at the 2007 QuiltsbyBarb retreat using the square in a square method. I really enjoyed this method and this quilt was quite fun to make. If you look closely at the blues between the water wheels, and you put them together in your mind, you can see the ocean scene they make. Again, Barb quilted this with her long arm machine. She chose a dolphin pattern.

Oooh! My Mystery World of my all time favorites. I made this quilt at the 2005 QuiltsbyBarb retreat. I had no idea what it was going to look like until it was was a mystery. I absolutely love the color combination! Barb also did an amazing job quilting this one.

Here is one of my best selling type quilts...the rag quilt. These are super cozy...made of flannel and ragged for a child to love and cherish for many years. This one is called "Ducks and Cows Rag Quilt". If you look at the picture I'm sure you'll figure out why. I did all the machine quilting on this one.

OOOH..another one of my favorites. If my daughters didn't already have a ridiculous amount of quilts and blankets I would keep this for them. This is my Disappearing Dog Star Quilt. Barb quilted a dog pattern throughout this quilt...super cute!

Diane also made a pillowcase that goes PERFECTLY with this quilt.

This is my Crazy Patch Doggie Scrap Quilt. I was having some fun experimenting with crazy quilting quilt blocks and wanted to incorporate a few blocks of my fun dog fabric. Barb did a butterfly print for the quilting on this one.

Diane's pillowcase would also go perfectly with this quilt!

Lastly, I'm going to show you my Baby Boy Flannel Quilt. This one is a mixture of brown, red and blue flannel...absolutely perfect for a little boy... and super warm too! Barb did some really fun random pattern quilting on this one!

With that, I hope you enjoyed my sneak peak at ways you can keep warm (and your kids or walls as well) this holiday season. I have two quilts almost ready for quilting and another that just needs a binding that I should be posting in the next week or two. So keep an eye on my shop... and remember to STAY WARM!


  1. I love the pink frog quilt! All the quilts are just lovely!

  2. Beautiful quilts! I am always amazed at people who knows how to quilt.. I don't think I will have the same patience and creativity :)


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