Let's Go Shopping!

I am in the mood to do some shopping, but I really shouldn't. (I do this all the time at oldnavy.com...I fill my cart and then leave before I actually buy it...makes me calm my shopping craving...yeah, I'm a little nuts!) I think I'm going to do some fake shopping just to get it out of my system. Here's what I would buy if I had some money!

I am in love with these hairpins by MGMart...

PETALS - Bobby pin Large - Unique Handcrafted hair clip - bobbypin

How fun would this be to wear?!

I also really like these Tres Stacking Rings... Turquoise - Spiny Oyster - Mother of Pearl from LunasaDesigns...I think they would be super fun to stack and wear, changing up there order to fit your mood...

This Simply Soft Wrap from moocowhandknits is ablsolutely fabulous and cozy looking.

Of course, I'm still jonesing for this Cranberry Modern Cloche with Lacey Flower Accent by CamilleMarie.

This 5-piece Four seasons set by marywibis would be absolutely fabulous for entertaining guests...quite the conversation item as well.

This Mineral Stained Wormy Maple and Black Walnut Cutting Board by ripperarts would look fabulous in my kitchen and I could really use another cutting board.

I think this small snail vase by prettyrandomobjects is just adorable!

The colors on this Sunday Afternoon ACEO by artsez are just fabulous! I have been addicted to ACEO's lately. Hopefully I'll get to make a few this afternoon.

Well, I'm tired from shopping now. I hope you enjoyed my little shopping trip as much as I did!


  1. Ha ha ha! I do that all the time! I'll shop, especially at amazon, abandon it and forget. Then I will go to get something for real and freak when I see how much it is. Then go, ooohhh yeah, gotta empty the cart.

    I have ripper on my hearts, too. I think I'm going to get a new cutting board; mine is shot. I've also been looking into a new hat-baby it's cold outside!

  2. I really like your style!! I like every one of your picks! Ain't virtual shoppin' great!!

  3. I actually do this too. :) So you aren't that crazy, or at least you aren't alone in your craziness. lol! Thanks so much for the feature. :)

  4. I love that simply soft wrap...I feel warmer just looking at it!


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