Oakley's Under the Sea Room

Article 3 of the Mural Series

Oakley's 'Under the Sea' Room

A few weeks before I was due to have Capri another mom from Cedi's daycare asked me to paint an 'Under the Sea' mural in her son Oakley's room. Oakley is a very smart little boy and he LOVES sharks and sea animals. I went over, took a look at the room and made a plan in my head. Of course I would do it! My mother-in-law had to come with me the first time to help get the images on the wall...I draw them on small pieces of paper and then project them onto the wall. I couldn't go super high since my stomach was HUGE and balance was a little off.

The whale in the picture to the right was my first inspiration for this room. He wanted whales and sharks and I thought it would be fun to have a rather larger whale coming out of the door. That way it wouldn't take up the entire room but wouldn't look strange having just a partial image...

I used very few 'repeat' images from my own 'Under the Sea' room but I did use a few of my favorites...the group of turtles and of course the adorable manatee (in a more boy color of course).

This is a picture of the tiger shark that I put up per Oakley's request...

A fun stingray!

What a cute fish!
and another!

The orca, dolphin, and fish in the corner!

I finished the room two weeks before I had Capri. Oakley's happy and so is his mom! (at least that's what they told me!)


  1. What a great room. And to go for it while you were just two weeks away from delivery..kudos!. It's really a sweet sweet space.

  2. Thanks! I do remember saying to myself while I was painting that it was SO MUCH BETTER than sitting behind my desk and drafting (which was what I had been doing 2 weeks before I had my first baby!)

  3. Kim, These pics look great, but can I just say that seeing these rooms in person is quite unbelievable. What a great gift for a children, grandchild, etc. Well done, Kim :) Karma


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