Treasury Madness!

I was lucky enough to be featured recently in two treasury west's.

This treasury is called Critters and Quilts and was put together by kimbuktu, She chose to use my Mystery Quilt which is in the second row, first column.

All Good Things those who wait

My purse is in the second row, middle slot.
This is my latest treasury: Burgundy Copper
The hat in the upper left was my inspiration. I've boughten a different hat from CamilleMarie and I absolutely love it! It fits me perfectly and is just adorable. Now I'm drooling over this cranberry one...
Once I decided that I wanted to make a treasury around this hat, I did some searches and the rest are the amazing items that I found!


  1. Waaa.....that's so cool. How did you know that you were being featured? You have to check the treasury all the time?

  2. I have to admit, I'm a bit addicted to watching the treasury...

  3. Hi Kim,

    Your items are fabulous!! They really help to bring out the best in my wallhangings. I will have to get more completed for you to include on your etsy site.

    I love looking at the Treasury groups. They really highlight the best of the best. It is fun to see them on your blog.

    Also, wanted to thank Sharon for purchasing my wallhanging. I would love to see a picture of it in her home.

    Keep up the good work. Hand made is the best; especially when it is as creatively done as your stuff.

    Barb, Quilts by Barb

    Visit me on the web at

    AND don't forget to check out our NEW 2009 Quilt Retreat Geataway Weekend!


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