Under the Sea

About 2 years ago, my husband and I made the decision to tear down our falling apart house and build a new one. We decided this in January and we needed to be done (or super close to done) by the middle of August when apple season started. In order to accomplish this we decided to put up a modular home from All American Homes. I know many people's gut reaction to this is, what crap, but our our house is actually quite nice. We put up a cottage style home that came in four different sections. Before it was delivered we had to have the basement in. We made our basement with really high cielings and installed a commercial kitchen immediately (one of the smartest decisions we made because of our apple store). It is a very 'open' house that I truly love.

Well, at the end of February we discovered that I was pregnant. A bit of dilemma because I wasn't able to do quite as much as I normally could have with the house. In order to keep myself busy I decided to paint murals in the future kids' rooms. The first I will talk about is my 'Under the Sea' Room (currently Capri's). I have always loved painting murals (I was lucky enough to do them in elementary, middle and high school). I knew that I would have to make my kids' rooms super neat. I tend to have these ideas in my head that don't always come to fruition, but after I painted the manatee.... I knew that it was going to work. I don't have the best pictures of my 'Under the Sea' room but here are a few....

Cedi lived in this room for a little over a year. She loved to look at all of the sea creatures on the wall and learned how to make fish noises at a very young age! Capri is really enjoying now...she loves to try and 'pet' the animals on the wall!

Later....I'll be posting about a jungle room and another under the sea room!


  1. aw it is so cute!!!!!!!!!!1 great job

  2. How neat.Love the theme and colors.good work she is lucky..


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