Meet EllaBellaMay!

My Background:

il_430xN_58148131Technically, I am not a typical artsy person. Currently, I am in clinical research, and previously, I was a chemist. So, making my elephants is a creative escape for me. I started out making quilts when I was 18, and still love creating them, but the elephants that I make now are faster and allow me to have a little fun when I'm not using my left brain! Elephants are one of my favorite animals, so it's especially fun to see the response, and that so many others like elephants, too!

Quilting was my first creative outlet. I had my first baby when I was 24 years old, and I was still in school, so I learned how to make a lot of the things she needed, like quilts, blankets, cloth diapers, and clothes. Since then, I have made quilts for others that may be in a position where they also need things like baby clothes and blankets, and have showed them how to sew, too. But, I haven't really thought of myself as a creative person, or a "right-brained" person because I've always enjoyed the sciences and love my job as a researcher. So, to give my left brain a break and still stay in touch with my creative side, I try to quilt as much as possible, and have started making my little elephants.

Do you dream about making other things?

I really do! I would love to expand my elephant shop to include turtles and giraffes, and maybe a mouse! I really like the "not so typical" animals, like these.il_430xN_48933912

How did you discover etsy?

I found Etsy through my youngest daughter who also seems to be growing up with similar eclectic tastes as mine. She's fantastic in the sciences, but loves to design and sew her own clothes. She found Etsy one day while surfing the web for homemade items, and we were both hooked!

Do you have any advice for others?

My advice? Don't ever close a door on your creative side! I believe everyone has the ability to be creative in some form, and it can be very emotionally rewarding. There are so many creative avenues, there's something for everyone! :)

How will the new CPSIA law affect you and your business?
il_430xN_59029272The new CPSIA law is just about the saddest thing I've ever heard. Talk about stifling creativity! And gift-giving. And charity giving. And the income for so many artists that emotionally and financially need an outlet to display what is important to them. And as buyers, we need a place to discover and learn from other artists' wonderful talents. It's not just that babies won't be able to cuddle with my elephants, it's also that so many artists won't be able to have an outlet to display their skills. And that makes me very sad, indeed.....

To see more of EllaBellaMay’s beautiful elephants make sure to check out her shop on etsy! I bought each of my girls’ one and they just love them!

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