Treasury Saturday - New Feature!

Happy SATURDAY everyone! It is absolutely gorgeous here right now...41-degrees! It's so beautiful outside...and it's been so bitterly cold for so long now. I'll definitely have to take a walk or something later and enjoy this weather!

Yup, you've guessed it. It is treasury Saturday! I have treasuries from etsy to show you that I have been in or have created as usual. But, I also have a few treasuries that I have been featured in on the Design Style Guide website. From the front page:

If you are an interior designer, decorator, or home stager, this website is designed to help you quickly find that perfect accent to help you sell to your clients. You can search for items by style, color, room, or material, to help you work more efficiently and use less of your valuable time wading through the mountains of things available online. Since we just launched in October of 2008, we are currently building our selection, so if you don't immediately find what you're looking for, please check back soon!

I have some of my quilts on this site to make it easier for people to find. Etsy is a wonderful website but there are just so many amazing things on it that it is sometimes difficult to find what you are looking for. Design Style Guide helps to narrow the search down for people looking to decorate their homes.

This first treasury, "Think Spring" by RDG Designs, features my Rainforest Flannel Quilt.

I couldn't fit the entire treasury on one page so make sure you click on the link to the right and see it in its full glory!

Passions of Purple was put together by Memories in Mosaics and features my Disappearing Dog Star Quilt.

JaciStuff created 'Waiting For Spring' and featured my Butterfly Garden Art Wall Hanging (second row, first column).

'Spring oh Spring' features my Rosie Peony Child Hat (second row, second column) and was put together by UniquelyNancy. (and yes, that beautiful model is my baby girl, Capri)

VickiDiane graciously put together another exposed treasury that I was apart of! This one was Quiltsy Exposed...I'm featured in the third row, third column. Our amazing team recieved some wonderful exposure from this treasury.

Quilts 'R' Us was put together by kimbuktu and she chose to also feature my Butterfly Garden Art Wall Hanging (third row, first column).

'I'm OK You're OK' was put together by LA Designs and it features my mother-in-law's Stormy Rainbow Quilt (second row, third column).

My Aunt-in-Law, Barb, put together her first etsy was named "FIRST"...of course. She featured my Blue Tides Earrings (first row, first column). I think she did a fabulous job for her first treasury!

'Can't See the Forest' was put together by Kristin's Quilts and it features my Beaded Tree ACEO (first row, second column).

I also managed to put a few quilts together myself this week. I called this one "T A S T E the color at a time (or all at the same time) and I featured my fellow Quilters!

I was inspired by the recent completion of my Butterfly Garden Art Wall Hanging to create this 'Fly Away' Treasury!

I hope you enjoyed the treasury feature this week! Tune in again next Saturday to see if I got in any or if I was lucky enough to put any together!

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