Treasury Saturday

Another week of treasuries gone by. I was able to snag two of them.

playgroundforcorapaige-022709The first I will talk about it called ‘Playground for Cora Paige’. It displays twelve etsians that have special items whose proceeds go 100% toward the Cora Paige Playground fund. To read more about this cause check out the article written in the Storque.


This is actually the first treasury I put together this week…I called it ‘Serenity’.

And here are a few treasuries I was honored to be featured in this week:


‘What Comes Around Goes Around’ was created by EarthlyCreations and features my Swirling Oranges Wristlet.

quiltsforanytimeanywhereany-quiltlover-022509Quilts For Any Time Anywhere Any was put together by QuiltLover. She chose to feature one of my favorites, “Disappearing Dog Star.”


Serenstitches put together the treasury, “would you look at these’ and featured my ‘Spring Flowers’ quilts.

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