Hoops and Loops - A New Series of Earrings

I don't know what's gotten into me lately but I've been really into doing 'series' of things. I fall in love with the first one I make and want to do more...maybe a little differently but another one. You've maybe noticed this with my 'Spring Flowers' Quilt Series - so far I have three...the original, pastel, and retro. I'm really excited to start my next in that series!

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I fell in love IMMEDIATELY with 'Hoops and Loops' after I made my first pair...Hint of Teal. I just think they are fabulous. They are elegant and eye catching. I knew that it would not be my only pair.

Instead of making earrings with all the same colors I decided to play around with different color combinations. I did 'Purple Passion' to appeal to the purple lover (I know...a bit obvious).

I think 'Sunset' is gorgeous but will take a person that looks good wearing reds and oranges to pull it off - I know you're out there!

'Walk in the Forest' (upper left picture) is just an unlikely combination of colors that looks fabulous...Kelly Green, pink and Sienna Brown.

I made 'Burgundy Neutrals' to appeal to people like my cousin Amie...one's who like color but not too much of it!

'Spring Rain's' combination of blues and teals will look great on pretty much anybody! Also, it's perfect for this season....almost like raindrops falling from your earlobes (except they are ovular!).

And the last one I will talk about is 'Shocking Spring'. Now, I really, really liked 'Hint of Teal' but I am absolutely in LOVE with this pair of 'Shocking Spring' Hoops and Loops earrings. It is a perfect combination of white, black and kelly green. I put the white closest to the ear wire because otherwise I was afraid it would get lost in the background. This way it will create a stunning contrast with your hair and skin. I then went to black and on the very bottom put the kelly green loop for that shock of color. These are truly fabulous!
So now that you know the inspirations behind my 'hoops and loops' earring series I hope you take a few minutes to browse through them. I don't have plans as of right now to add to them but we'll see where the creative juices take me!
Today I have to get a hanging sleeve on the back of my woven quilt. I'm entering it in the Prairie Heritage Quilters Quilt Show and Competition next weekend and I have to drop it off on Friday. I'm very interested to see the local quilters reaction to a woven quilt!
I also need to work on the April Challenge for Team etsyBABY. I'll give you a hint...my entry is going to a quilt. I have the base made and an idea in my mind (and a sketch on paper) of what to add to the base...hopefully it will be as cool as I am imagining! You don't have to wait too long though! We have to have them listed by April 1st!

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