My Squarey Quilt

Today I'm going to talk a little bit about my "Squarey Quilt" (actual pattern name is 'Window Panes' but I've always called it my squarey quilt). I RARELY keep things for myself. Initially I was going to make this quilt for my brother (sorry Brian) but I just fell in love with it and had to keep it. Unfortunately for my brother, he has yet to get a quilt. (Waiting for him to get married or turn 35...)

The pattern called for black background fabric...since I can never follow a pattern or recipe (never ask me to make bread) EXACTLY...the first thing I altered was that I was going to use dark blue as my background. Once again, I headed over to Diane's basement and I dyed my fabric. I dyed the dark blue and some other various colored fabric.

When choosing the other fabric, I chose from some fabric that I had dyed, some that Diane had dyed and some commercial fabric. I love mixing hand-dyes with commercial. I just think it gives a quilt an amazing look.

Once my fabric was dyed and wash out. I started to cut my fabric for the quilt and piece my squares together. We have a King Size bed so the end result for this quilt was going to be quite large.

Have I ever mentioned before just how much I LOVE color. I love all colors and I especially love putting them next to each other and combine them with colors one would typically not think of to combine. Two of my favorite color combinations in this quilt are the toned down lime green with the navy blue and the lovely orange with the blue. I just think they look absolutely fabulous next to each other!

When I was done with the top of this quilt I sent it off to my aunt-in-law, Barb to quilt. She did a fabulous random pattern with a swirl in the center of each square. It is absolutely perfect for this quilt. To save myself a head-ache I also just had her use one of her large pieces of fabric for the back of the quilt. I just sent her the top and she took care of the rest!

When the quilt was returned to me I bound it with a variegated binding that I made from the left over pieces of the squares. It tied the inside and outside together quite well.

I am still in love with this quilt and am so glad I never parted with it!


  1. Love the quilt (and the quilting!) Love the headboard, wall paint and paintings above the bed, also!

  2. Beautiful!! I'd love to see a photo of the binding.

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! I love your squarey quilt! The colors are so delightful. The quilting is so perfect for it too. It looks great with that headboard and wall color.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. That looks like a fun quilt to make. Mental note: Must file that away for future reference.

  5. What a treat! Looking through others blog posts and not being particularly inspired and come across your squarey quilt...this is fabulous! I love the colors...the squares...this is a timeless quilt...thanks so much for sharing...

  6. Totally awesome. I would keep it for myself too!
    Cindy in Seattle

  7. I love dyed fabric! One of the things I wanted to do this summer was do some dyed fabric for quilting with. I got some PFD fabric from a large store around here, (portland, Or) but I wonder how a sheet would be? Hmm...


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