Vote for your FAVORITE EtsyBABY Spring Fling Challenge Item!

I recieved this email today and it solved my dilemma on what to write on my blog today!:

Good Morning EtsyBABY!!!

Today's the BIG DAY!!! It's time to cast your vote! The surprise is that now there will be 2 winners of the Spring Fling Challenge! We will vote as a team here in our forum:

AND now we can spread the word and have the PUBLIC participate in this event too! The winner of the PUBLIC Poll and our PRIVATE poll will each receive FREE EtsyBABY Ad Space!!!! Voting closes on both polls on March 30th!

... refer everyone to this link where they can vote! (only one vote per person, and please do not vote for yourself!, lol)

I hope everyone had a great experience with our 1st team challenge! Good Luck!!!

EtsyBABY Team Leader

Here is a list to all THIRTY-EIGHT Entries (in no particular order)!


This is my entry for the 2009 EtsyBABY Spring Fling Challenge. I had the brighter Spring Flowers Quilt entered at first, but then I somehow managed to find the time to make this. I just love the pastels and the contrast in colors. I have decided to make a series of Spring Flower's Quilts. This one is called 'Spring Flowers - Pastels'. Next on the list is 'Spring Flowers - Retro.'












  1. Holy Cow! What a list! Your quilt is GORGEOUS. Great entry. I'm going to vote. I tried to join the Etsy baby team, but alas, I didn't have enough sales. I'm getting ready to post a pillowcase dress to my shop - pictured it on my blog today. Good luck!


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