Work In Progress - My Woven Quilt

I have chosen to enter my woven quilt into the virtual quilt festival because of a few reasons:

1) It took me four years to complete it
2) I love the color
3) It's a technique you don't see very often!

I hope you enjoy reading about this quilt! Since publishing this post, I did decide to remove the beading and I entered it into a quilt show. It was really fun seeing my work hanging up for everyone to view and people were amazed that it was really woven!

I also was a guest blogger for Quilting Gallery and I wrote: Woven Wonder - a Tutorial? if you are interested in reading more details as to how I completed this project.

I also hope you take some time (I think I've become obsessed with looking through the quilts) to see everyone else's work...there is some Amazing talent out there!

- update 4/19/09

I HATE matching my corners when piecing a quilt. I absolutely HATE it. So, one day I had this brilliant idea (or so I thought at the time)...I would WEAVE a quilt...that way, I didn't have to worry about my corners matching. I should add here that I had this brilliant idea in the beginning of 2005.

My first step was to dye really long pieces of fabric that I would have quilted together by Barb. I headed over to Diane's basement, cut long pieces of fabric and dyed away. I had a lot of fun!

Barb decided to host Easter at her house that year and she was kind enough to let me try out her long arm quilting machine. Now THAT was a lot of fun! I think I quilted two of my panels together for this quilt. Barb did the rest of them.

A year later, I finally pulled the quilted fabric out of the bag and cut strips out of them. I then bound each edge of the strips and started to weave. Once I had it together how I wanted me, it took quite awhile and a little help from my hubby to have it square...I loosely stitched each intersection together so it would keep it's shape while I was binding the outer edge.

Now that the whole quilt was bound and put together I cute out my loosely stitched intersections and realized that it just wasn't going to stay together. Every time I pulled it out of the bag I spent an hour re-laying it out could I fix this? I sent it back to Barb and she quilted at each intersection. Doing this helped to keep the quilt in the square shape but kept it's 'woven' quality.

I have started to embellish this quilt with beads several times. My latest plan was to embroider it with circles of beads...I'm now thinking I may not even do that. I might just take these beads off as well, and use it as a quilt.

This quilt is amazingly's two quilts put together...AND it's reversible...both sides are equally cool!

I would love to hear your opinion about whether I should do the beading or not do the beading.

In the end, I think it is easier and less time consuming to just suck it up and match my corners!


  1. I think this is AMAZING! Sure, you didn't have to match the corners but that's a lot of binding to do. I don't think the beading (at least not the gold shown) does much for the quilt. I think it's so unusual you should consider entering it into quilt shows.

  2. Wow! An incredibly beautiful one of a kind. It's absolutely gorgeous (w/o beading). I love the colors.

  3. Your woven quilts are absolutely incredibly gorgeous! The colors are to die for!


  4. holy cow!! It is AMAZING and so original!! Absolutely beautiful in form and design - congratulations for even attempting!

  5. This quilt with the technique that you used is fabulous...I wouldn't bead this's lines are it's strength and beading may take away from should be very pleased...and what a great friend Barb is...

  6. Thanks for the compliments everyone! I have decided to take the beading off and let the quilt speak for itself!

  7. (oh and to clarify...this is just ONE's just reversible!)

  8. This is such a cool quilt. Amazing.

  9. Ooh what an interesting idea.

  10. Absolutely amazing! I have never seen a quilt like this before. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Such a beutiful quilt. The effort you put into it was well worth it.

  12. Very interesting: brilliant idea and execution! The quilt is lovely!

  13. Stunning! I love your methods :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love it! And ahhh, I'd love to have yards of hand-dyed fabrics like that!

  15. Thank you all for your lovely comments about this quilt! it was truly a labor of love and I must admit that I am very happy to finally call it COMPLETE! lol!


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