A fellow Team Quiltsy Member!

This past Saturday was my annual Apple Bash. This year it was extra special because we combined it with my father-in-law, Frank’s 60th Birthday Party. The bash is my husband’s and I’s last hurrah before Apple Season begins and we don’t have time to see our friends anymore. We love to see our friend’s and family and it’s a good time that lasts the whole night.

This year, one of my friends from my online etsy Quiltsy Team was in the area and I invited her to stop by – and she did!041

I was happy to meet Cindy of CinfulArt (on the right). My aunt-in-law, Barb, also a Quiltsy team member was our our party as well (left). (I’m in the middle!). Cindy and her husband (who’s name is escaping me right now) were a great addition to our bash. My FIL even brought up that it was nice to meet them and they seemed to fit right in (and there were at least 100 people there throughout the evening).

I imagine it was a bit intimidating to drive up to someone’s place that you’ve never met and see all those cars lined up! I’m so glad you braved it out Cindy…it was great meeting you and showing off my workspace, house and orchard. :)


  1. It's so cool to see pictures of all of you. Thanks for posting them. Do you ever sleep?
    --Gail from QuiltSewPieceful

  2. How much fun is that!! Great to see the 3 of you together.

  3. Don and I had just the best time meeting you and your family. I was blown away by your wonderful quilts, fab jewelry and Cedi's and Capri's Sea and Jungle themed rooms you painted. Not to mention those great apple cider donuts. Thank you so much for inviting us!

  4. You all look like your having fun, I envy you all.

  5. Cindy, it was great to meet you and Kim, the party was the best. Sorry we had to leave before the bonfire!


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