Apple Bash – the Cake

011Apple Bash/FIL’s 60th birthday party was a huge Success! I’m happy to announce. I’m going to spread out reporting about it throughout this week.

I’m going to start today with


We purchased a full sheet cake from Karen the Cake Lady (the same one who made Jared and I’s wedding cake). It was a marble cake with butter cream frosting. So delicious!006 My decorating instructions to her were ‘Happy 60th Birthday Frank’ (obviously) and that he liked beer, candy and was a farmer (apple’s in particular). Karen told me about this ‘tasteful’ naked old man she puts on these type’s of cakes and asked me if I was okay with it. Ummm, PERFECT…make sure he has a mustache!009 He did!012I think my father-in-law thought the cake was pretty cool. 013 I know Cedi was really excited about all the candy on it!


We put the cake amongst the Candy “bar”. I think it was a fun addition to the party AND Frank got to keep all the excess candy for his birthday gift. I don’t think he’ll need to run to Farm and Fleet for candy anytime soon!

PS. Thank you for the balloons for my girls Karen the Cake Lady. It kept them occupied for the entire morning/afternoon while I got things ready! Good call!

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