Apple Bash - The Menu/Grocery List

Apple Bash is 3 days's the 8th annual.

The first apple bash I went to was in 2002...I was just getting to know my now husband and I ditched out of a family party up north with some lame excuse...not because I wanted to go to a party of a boy I had a crush on (Sorry mom and Aunt Betty). It ended up being a great decision. We have continued the tradition every summer since.

This year is a bit different than other years...this year we are combining it with my father-in-law's 60th birthday party...I'm expecting at least 100 people.

Here's the menu - no catering except the cake...

- 25 lbs. beef
- Shredded Turkey (Mom)
- taco seasoning (container from Amish Store)
- 104 mini bags of Frito's
- 100 soft taco shells
- 50 hard taco shells
- 6 bags of tortilla chips
- salsa (handmade by Diane - one green tomato and one red tomato)
- sour cream
- shredded cheese
- onions (Diane)
- tomatoes (Diane)
- lettuce (Diane)
- Guacomole (Karma)
- Black Beans
- Velveeta Cheese Dip thing
- Jalepeno's
- Black Olives

- Texas Cavier (Mom)
- Spanish Rice (Mom)
- Corn Bread (Diane)
- Not too Spicy Bean Dip
- Cauliflower/Broccoli Salad (Diane- she has LOTs of veggies to use up)
- Refrigerator Pickles...hmmm is this really a side dish?
- Cole Slaw (Diane...she has cabbage coming out of her ears!)

APPETIZERS (That I will actually be serving later on in the evening for those of it at the party for the long haul)
- Taco Dip (2 types)
- Pickle Rolls
- Little Weiners
- Chicken Wings
- Shrimp Dip
- Crab Dip (Diane)
- Tortilla Roll Ups
- Bagel Dip
- Artichoke Dip

- Chips
- Crackers
- Licorice
- Watermelon
- Cheese Spread
- Pretzels

- Cake from 'Karen the Cake Lady' (she made our wedding cake too)
- Peanut Butter Bars (Karma)
- Apple Cider Donuts (we're doing a trial run with the new machine we bought for our store this fall...)
- A Candy 'Bar'

- 1/2 barrel of some light beer
- 14 cases of Miller High Life
- Lemonaide
- Soda
- Miscellaneous beer beverages

Can you think of anything I'm missing or forgetting as far as the menu/grocery list goes? I'm going shopping tomorrow! Cooking all day on Friday and Saturday with Karma...


  1. We will actually be serving pink lemon-aide :)

    Shopping complete!

  2. Man I'm bummed I'm missing this.

    Is Diane making the refridgerator pickels?? I'm especially bummed about missing those. Damn, I love those things!

    I'm planning on making a trip down to the orchard in Oct. when Karma's in town to watch the girls. Can't wait!

  3. Yup...Diane's making the pickles! I just told Karma you're coming in October! Super excited!

  4. Yup...Diane's making the pickles! I just told Karma you're coming in October! Super excited!


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