Apple Bash – the Set Up

How do you set up for a party of 100+ people?

Step 1: Put a 60’ x 40’ shed addition on a few weeks before the party and a year before a third of it’s going to be converted into cold apple storage.


Step 2: The coolers. Five for beer. One for water. One for Soda. 022

Step 3: Other beverages. One half barrel. Twenty gallons of hard cider. One water cooler of water. One water cooler of ‘Kiddo Margarito’s’ (per Cedi) aka Pink Lemonade.

023Step 4: THE FOOD. Taco Bar including everything I mentioned in a post last week. We started the evening out with the main food…brought out the appetizers around 8.027 Step 5: Make sure to keep the things that should stay cold…cold. Using an large tray-like thing that stored ice and all of our taco bar condiments!


Step 6: Be so prepared for the party that you actually have some time to sit down and relax before the people arrive! Seriously…we were that organized!

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  1. you guys are hardcore! Sounds like it was an awesome party. Next time, throw it on the West coast. :)


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