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I have gotten quite a few requests for custom orders over the past year and I just want to let everyone know that I LOVE doing CUSTOM orders!  I love trying to make what you are looking for.  What I do is extremely one of a kind so I will never be able to duplicate what I’ve done exactly again.  What I encourage you to do is to keep an eye on my ‘style’ of work.  If there is a style you like but the colors aren’t exactly it or you want a t-shirt instead of an apron or you need a different size in something or you want a less expensive ring base…please just let me know!  I’m more than happy to work with you.

All that being said, I am unable to work on custom orders from August 15th through October 31st.  Apples season begins and I pretty much have no time except for things pertaining to apples.  I do not plan on closing my shop at that time, but I plan on just selling what I have available.  The other 9.5 months of the year I am more than happy to work with you.

Here are a few custom orders I have completed in the past (please excuse the imperfect pictures…):

il_430xN_80076611This custom order the client liked the Perfectly Purple Bubble Romper but needed it in 18 month size and wanted some pink added.  il_430xN_49821284This person requested napkin rings…all different colors. il_430xN_59463692Blue t-shirts were requested here. (I made two of them so the brother’s matched somewhat)  il_430xN_60081347This customer loved my  candy drop ring but wanted to go with the less expensive ring base…no problem.il_430xN_65462185This customer liked the horizon style onesies I do but needed a different size.il_430xN_65462653 This request was for matching hats…two different sizes.il_430xN_65606965 il_430xN_65607016 il_430xN_65607321A family was taking a trip and requested matching dyed clothing.  In the end it was two men t-shirts, 3 tank tops, 1 child t-shirt and a baby bubble romper…this one was a lot of fun! il_430xN_68908749 This particular customer really liked my candy drop rings but has a LOVE of purple..I was more than happy to add some additional purple into my design.il_430xN_78725818This custom order actually came about from the hooded towels I sell at my apple orchard.  A person had received one for a gift and just loved it…she wanted more so we completed the transaction through etsy.   il_430xN_79127235 I was contacted to see if I could put the Russian Nesting Matryoshka Doll from my aprons onto a tshirt for her daughter…not a problem!


So, please, if there is something in my shop that you really like but it’s just not quite it…let me know, I’m more than happy to work with you. 

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  1. Cute! Even colors and completely covered. Very nice!

    ☼Hope you're having a sunshine ☼ filled Sunday!☼


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