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I fell in love with michelemaule’s ‘Someday Soon…5x7 Reproduction Print’ when I stumbled across it looking for things to fill a particular treasury. This is just one of many amazing images Michele has in her etsy shop. I had to see if she would do an interview for my blog and happily she agreed! I hope you all enjoy meeting her as much as I did!

Tell me a little bit about your background in arts and crafts.
I started making art as a young kid, and I always really enjoyed it.
It was my favorite subject in school. as I got older, it remained il_430xN_77876792one of my most favorite things. So, after a lot of debate, I went to college, and graduated with a degree in it!

When did you first start creating things?
I began creating things at a very young age. Probably kindergarten is my earliest memory of making things. I remember some of my first art projects, and I remember always getting a lot of praise for the things I made.

What were the first things you created? and how did your creativity progress from there?
as I got older some of the more serious things I started making were paintings. I started painting when I was about 18. I was doing a lot of what I am doing now. Lots of painting and collage. It il_430xN_72355325was a lot darker than the work that I am doing now. I think I've really learned how to express my ideas better throughout the years.

Is this your only business or do you do other things as well?
This is it! This is my one and only job and I love it.

Do you still dream about making other things? If so, what?
I'm always dreaming of doing new things. I really want to do more screen printing, and perfecting that. I'd also love to learn how to knit, or sew, but there are only so many hours in the day!

How did you come up with your shop name?
It was pretty easy. I just used my name. I think using your own name when having an online business is great for visual artists.

What are your favorite shops on etsy? Why do you like them?
There are so many! I really don't think I could pick one, two, three, or four favorites. There are so many talented people on Etsy. It really amazes me. Some of the ones that i am thinking of right now are:

il_430xN_67853837 The Garcia Tie Dyed Dog T Shirt
She has a Boston Terrier, and so do I, and I just love her shop.

I also love

il_430xN_71971868Miereio Spa and Travel Pillow – Magnolia Blossoms
She has such lovely items. I want to buy it all.

and I love


Hungry Like a Wolf - Purple
beautiful bags!

How did you hear about Etsy?
My friend Angie actually told me about Etsy. We were at a craft fair, and she told me that she thought my work would do really well there. She was right!

Any words of advice to others?
Just work as hard as you can, and try to keep a positive attitude.
It can be rough sometimes, especially when you're first starting out, but it's so important to try and be as positive as you can.


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