Quilt Picture Makeover – AGAIN!

Taking the perfect pictures of my items on etsy seem to be a challenge I work on every day!  I’m always taking, retaking, editing, and re-editing everything I do.  At some point, I think…”These are fantastic…they’ll have to make front page!” and alas…doesn’t happen.  Here are a few new shot’s I’ve taken of some of my quilts. 

il_430xN_81945085Springtime Wonder Quilt il_430xN_81939043Disappearing Dog Star Quilt il_430xN_81942798

Under the Sea Baby Quilt il_430xN_81944033 Raggy Bullseye Quilt


What do you all think?  Should I spend more time on this view/angle of a quilt picture for the rest of my quilt section? 


  1. I think these angles are good, especially for featuring in treasuries, and in general too. They give an idea of the design and bulk of the quilt, folded like that. For first photos it's better not to expose the whole thing, but to show a portion and/or an angle shot, making the shopper want to see more. Additional shots can show more, at different angles, unfolded, hanging, close-up detail, etc. I also like that there is some background showing in the photos, as it helps define the item.

  2. If I were you, I would search flickr and Etsy for quilt photos and find the ones that really stand out. I think you are doing an outstanding job, but it never hurts to research more.

  3. Hi Kim~
    Beautiful quilts! I take and retake my photos all the time...still trying to come up with that perfect FP pick too :)
    I really like the photo, angle, and light of the Dog Star quilt picture, it shows great depth and dimension.


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