Trip to the Zoo!

We had a really big day on Saturday!  We started out the morning by stopping at the Dane County Farmers Market to check out the craft vendor situation.  I’ve decided it’s something I won’t be delving into anytime soon.  Then we had to get our delicious cheese bread and kettle corn.  (we only made it down one street…missed three…but we had important places to be!)

Back to the van we went and off to the Henry Vilas Zoo! 009The tiger was very active and was pacing right in front of the glass…all the kids were in awe (parent’s too…) 010   013 Cedi contently looking at the Rhino’s014  We had the double stroller but Papa wanted to see Capri’s reaction to the animals so he carried her around, Cedi walked holding my hand and Papa pushed an empty stroller.  The zoo was his idea for the morning and I think we was really happy with our little trip. 016    The girls are trying to see the penguins ‘surf’ (too much ‘Surf’s Up’ I guess…)020   Once Capri showed Cedi how it was done they had fun posing as penguins.023  I LOVE the polar pair picture opt!026Isnt’ Capri adorable?    025

Cedi was very happy with her pink ape that I got her from the gift shop…she decided to name it ‘monkey’. 


  1. Polar bears are my favorite and the zoo is one of my very favorite things to do! What a great day you had!

  2. Zoos are a win win place to go. YOU ALWAYS spend quality time with your family and have so much fun!
    We went around two weeks ago... and I posted on my blog about it. There is a statue of bears where I've been taking pictures to my son since he was 1 1/2 yo. There three picture showing how he has grown.. if you can do the same with your kids it would be awesome. Robert even asked himself for me to take his picture in the bear! :)
    Stop by to see the post!

  3. I've never been to this zoo, but have heard good things about it. It looks really nice. Is it still free?

  4. I LOVE the title of your blog! I'm with you on the one beer...even two! LOL I enjoyed loking at these photos in this post. Going to the zoo with the kids is always a fun way to spend the day! Following you from MBC's follower club. You can find me at


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