Tunnels of FUN!

   The Monday after the Apple Bash I decided the girls needed a little extra fun since they’d been so good and patient with us during the preparation for the party.  I got up early to put together there surprise…the TUNNELS of FUN! 001Cedi woke up cranky as usual.  But she quickly perked up when I told her there was a surprised downstairs.  “Is it a treat?” she asked.004    The girls had fun right away in the tunnels of fun!  005I called up their friend, Trexen, and his mom, to let them know we had the tunnels of fun set up.  They came over and Trexen enjoyed playing with the girls.007Another challenge…try to get all three kids under 2.5 to look at the camera at the same time…doesn’t really happen!008 But they were still cute!

I bought the tunnels of fun from www.orientaltrading.com a few years ago…it’s come in handy on rainy/snowy/cold days. 

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