My Vendor Apron!

028I am in love with the vendor apron I bought from OriginalsbyLauren for this years apple season.  I wear it the entire time I am at the store and farmer’s market.  It makes me  feel like I am in charge for some reason.  It’s also great for holding my labels, pens, and other miscellaneous items I may need.  I haven’t quite figured out how to do the money thing without it flying everywhere (I still use my box…) but sometime…maybe when it’s not so windy….  

I think it will also work really well at the craft shows I plan on doing this coming November.  It really goes well with the rest of the items I sell and I have gotten lots of compliments already!

Night Time Visitor

For the last few days Capri has not been herself…she’s been cranky, whiny and clingy.  For some reason it took me awhile to realize “Of COURSE!  She’s teething!”  Sure enough, a few Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets and Capri was feeling much better and acting her old self again.

Well…around 2 in the morning the tablets must have wore off…Capri was screaming again.  It’s always hard at night to gauge just how long your child is crying in the middle of the night.  We always try to make a point to look at the clock when we first wake up from it…that way we’re not running upstairs when it’s been just 2 minutes instead of the 20 or 30 it feels like.  So anyway, I was trying to decide in my sleepy brain whether or not to head up to comfort her when all of a sudden…she stopped crying!  Woo Hoo!  Time to sleep again.

Until we hear a whimper at our doorway!  Who didn’t shut the gate?!  (papa)  Capri made it by herself, down the stairs and into our bedroom in the middle of the night…a first for us…Cedi won’t leave her bed until we go to get her so we haven’t had to deal with this yet. 

At least she didn’t fall and hurt herself.  We’ll definitely have to remember to put the gate up from now on.

Terrible 2's.....

So this is going to be a post about advice...I need some. Cedi is a really good kid but - she's two. It seems that whenever I need her to listen to me, do anything, or behave, I have to bribe there another way? I really don't want her to be spoiled. I just want her to behave because that's what I do I do this?

Any and all suggestions are welcomed!

Treasury Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Apple season has started to pick up a bit for me this week but I managed to snag a couple of treasuries yet.  I think I’ll be able to do it as long as get my poster sketches made up in advance…the rest is all about timing. 

I hope you enjoy this weeks edition of treasury Saturday!Red-Lori411-082709Treasury Name:  Red

Curator:  Lori411

Featured Item: Spring Flowers Quilt - Pastels

solongtosunkissedskies-leapinggazelle-082309Treasury Name:  So Long to Sun kissed Skies

Curator: LeapingGazelle

Featured Item:  Leafy Fall Hand Dyed Empire Dress – 18 mospiceupyourhalloween-clubaloha-082609 Treasury Name:  Spice Up Your Halloween

Curator:  ClubAloha

Featured Item: RIP Tombstone Earrings


Treasury Name:  Tennis Anyone

Curator:  bytheway

Featured Item: Tennis Shoe Kansas Windmill Quilt

Orange you glad its almost halloween-enuwbe-082609 Treasury Name:  Orange you glad it’s almost Halloween

Curator: enuwbe

Featured Item: Orange Swirls Wristlet

adietrichinFIBER-julieantinucci-082209 Treasury Name:  A diet rich in FIBER

Curator: julieantinucci

Featured Item: Spring Flowers Quilt - Pastels

Art of all things-primsbyandrea-082309 Treasury Name:  Art of All Things

Curator: PrimsbyAndrea

Featured Item: Seaweed Fish ACEO - OOAK

autumnbliss-theapple-082609 Treasury Name:  Autumn Bliss

Curator: theApple

Featured Item: Groovy Purple Wave Wristlet

brightribbonsofautumn-lizardskins-082609 Treasury Name: Bright Ribbons of Autumn

Curator: Lizardskins

Featured Item: Storm Cloud Hand Dyed Dress – Size 2

buttonbuttonwhohasthebutton-quiltinggranny-082609 Treasury Name:  Button, Button, who has the Button

Curator: QuiltingGranny

Featured Item:  Orange Swirls Wristlet

hometohouse-glorioushats-082609 Treasury Name: Home to House

Curator:  GloriousHats

Featured Item:  Summer Beauty Quilt

justsimply beauty-pjlacasse-082309 Treasury Name: Just Simply… Beauty

Curator: pjlacasse

Featured Item: Deep Autumn Beauty Quilted Table Runner

oooooooooooooooooo-ismorena-082309 Treasury Name: ooooooooooooooooo

Curator:  IsMoreNa

Featured Item:  Bling Vs. Nature Memory Wire Bracelet

unTEALwemeetagain-beadstylin-082609 Treasury Name: UnTEEL we Meet Again

Curator: BeadStylin

Featured Item: Swirly Wheat Wristlet

watercolorjourney-082609-primsbyandrea Treasury Name: Water Color Journey

Curator: PrimsbyAndrea

Featured Item: Fall Leafy Sunrise Bodysuit – 18 mo


Treasury Name: Farmer’s Market

Curator: KimsCraftyApple


Treasury Name: Starry Starry Night

Curator: OriginalsbyLauren

Featured Item:  Rosy Star Wall Hanging

I Like the Goats

 027I’ll admit…I was a bit afraid of the cows…the goats I can handle.  They are quite friendly, sweet and they don’t have bugs swarming them or really long tongues (at least I don’t think they have really long tongues…).  031 Capri amazed by the goats!028Grandma helping the girls feed the goats oats (“Grandma, that’s not oats…that’s oatmeal!” Cedi says) 029 030 Capri’s a farm girl through and though!

Themed Thursday – Farmer’s Market

Now that I’m off to the farmer’s market on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s it’s on my mind a lot and seemed like a fun theme for this week.

One thing that has really come in handy has been the vendor aprons I’ve gotten from OriginalsbyLauren.

il_430xN_84039257I think it would be great if I could get my father-in-law to wear the Firefighter Vendor Apron to the markets…but I don’t think that will happen…

il_430xN_80163557I bought a cute fall themed banner from corrcreations that I  hang on my tent to give it that little extra edge.  I’ve received a lot of compliments on it already!


This cloth market bag  from RosyUndPosy would be perfect for walking around and collecting all your goodies in!


The description says it all about these eco friendly produce bags from ficklefaerie

il_430xN_86729108And of course…we can’t forget about the kiddo’s!  How much fun will they have with  this Farmer’s Market Veggie Basket from bugbitesplayfood!?


I hope you enjoy your local farmer’s market!  I would love to hear what your favorite stand to visit is!  Mine is Sassy Cow lately…a dairy farm that sells ice cream…so yummy!

Self Control…what’s that?

After a few weeks off of weight watchers, an operating donut machine in our basement (aka our commercial kitchen), having my farmer’s market spot right across from Sassy Cow Creamery AND Windsor Breads on Tuesday nights, combined with a lack of time to cook decent meals…I am once again officially a weight watcher

I rejoined this past Monday.  I had not let myself get too out of control but I could feel it starting to happen.  Without the fear of the scale every Monday…things were getting too relaxed.  I’m just not one of those type of people that have a little thing called… self control.  Oh well, at least I know it now and I rejoined to grab some control back. 


I do have to say I’m a little disappointed in Little Debbie.  I feel that a box should not have a picture of a browning that is actually way bigger than the actual brownie!  I think I might have to call it a touch of false advertising.  I will say that the brownies are quite delicious once you get past the size disappointment.

I’m sure you’ll hear more of my journey into the world of weight watchers in the weeks to come!

ETSY Keyword for the Front Page – August 19th - 25th

Here’s the keyword list from last week. I find these by searching through the flickr account…anyone can do this whenever they are interested. It’s also a great way to see your things on front page if you missed it while it was actually up there.

Don’t forget to to see the themes/keywords that the Etsy Merchandising Team has laid out in advance go to the Storque article:

This will also be very helpful!  

I changed the list up a bit…I have now made it into two categories:  Keyword Search and Inspired by. 

Keyword Search:

August Birthstone Peridot

DIY projects under 40 USD

linen x 2

back to school gear x 4


neon x 2

Decor suggested by etsy twitter followers



free shipping


shop etsy’s discount weekend sale x 3



harvest x 2




Haunted Halloween Deals Under 30 USD





a first look at Halloween Trends



Inspired by:


Augusts birthstone Peridot

Artful Entertaining

Etsy's Strange and Unusual

outdoor weddings

summer entertaining

etsy Halloween x 2

weekend antiquing

dark romance x 2

the fall runway

international travel

August Weddings

fall fashion x 2

vineyard entertaining

summer entertaining

folk art

Indian summer

science and nature

antiqued treasures

handmade wedding

equestrian prep fashion

  Etsy’s Geekery Category


Hope this helps!

Oh Capri!

 024I got some amazing pictures of Capri (at least I think so…) the other day.  She was just wearing a pair of overalls and of course of diaper.  012  She was having fun playing in her bucket of water…I’m serious…best toy ever!016014        022         And then she wander off and found the blueberry picking seat and decided to show off her amazing baby armpits!


On a different note:  I’m having my first Bud Light Lime from a can…I’ll have to get used to it…not quite the same as the bottle.

Happy Sunday

059Just wanted to post a few pictures I took of the girls yesterday at the orchard.  They kept busy picking Grandma’s flowers and putting them into buckets of water.  (Grandma told me she didn’t mind…)064No one was crying and no one was complaining so I see that as a success!

Halloween? Already?

I know what you mean, but etsy has put too many Halloween inspired front pages up for me to ignore it any longer.  I do LOVE Halloween, but I also think August is a bit early for it :) 

I put Halloween charm earrings up at theApple.  They are some fun little charms I found and made into earrings.  Not my most creative earrings but they are fun and festive for my favorite holiday!  Each pair is $7.50 and I only have one of each.  If you see something you like I wouldn’t wait too long to get it!

il_430xN_86421205Trick Or Treat Charm Earrings il_430xN_85956992Friendly Ghost Charm Earrings il_430xN_86059331Spooky Eye Charm Earrings il_430xN_86077554Spider Web Charm Earrings il_430xN_86134808Creepy Spider Charm Earrings il_430xN_86140040Candy Corn Charm Earrings il_430xN_86242461RIP Tombstone Charm Earrings il_430xN_86417274Jack O Lantern Charm Earrings il_430xN_86418988Black Cat Charm Earrings il_430xN_86420062 Skull and Crossbones Charm Earrings

I would love to hear if you have a favorite? 

Also, do you or your  family have any fun Halloween traditions you do every year?  Since we live in the country we have to ‘borrow’ a neighborhood in a nearby town to take the girls trick or treating!

Treasury Saturday – August 22nd

I’m going to do a new layout for my treasury Saturday.  It’s more formal and would love to hear your opinions on it.  I’ll try this way for a few weeks but if I hear enough feedback that I should go back to the old style I’ll be more than happy to switch back.  I just think this might be a quicker way during apple season…we’ll see :)todyefor-karolsvintageart-081909Curator:    KarolsVintageArt

Treasury Name:  To Dye For

Featured Item:   Bright and Beautiful Buffalo Ridge Baby Quiltartinmyheartagain-mozo-082009

Curator:    mozo

Treasury Name:  Art in My Heart Again

Featured Item:   Leaf Fall Hand Dyed Dress – 18 mo

awholelottacolor-lindendavenuedesigns-081709Curator:    lindenAvenueDesign

Treasury Name:  A Whole Lot of Color

Featured Item:   Stormy Rainbow Quilt


Curator:    lindesigns

Treasury Name:  Back to School Fashion

Featured Item:   Autumn Bliss Rouched Top Hand Dyed Sundress – Your Choice


Curator:    Enuwbe

Treasury Name:  Bite Me

Featured Item:  the Apple Charm Earrings

colorful-exoticflavor-082009Curator:    ExoticFlavor

Treasury Name:  Colorful

Featured Item:   Leafy Fall Hand Dyed TShirt – Size 2T

dreamwhatyoudare-serenonion-081909Curator:    Serenonion

Treasury Name:  Dream What You Dare

Featured Item:   Marquise Rainbow Candy Drop Earrings


Curator:    Arosha

Treasury Name:  Got It

Featured Item:   Purple Paisley Wristlet


Curator:    UniquelyNancy

Treasury Name:  Inspired by Nature

Featured Item:   Apple Orchard Saddlebag Purse


Curator:    Kim’s Crafty Apple

Treasury Name:  It’s Berries

Featured Item:   It’s Berries - Earrings

ohgod-primsbyandrea-081609Curator:    PrimsbyAndrea

Treasury Name:  Oh God

Featured Item:   Storm Cloud Hand Dyed Dress – Size 2


Curator:    RWillisGlassArtist

Treasury Name:  On a Whim

Featured Item:   Tie Dyed Bucket Hat – Adult M/L – Purple Passion


Curator:    GloriousHats

Treasury Name:  Rustic Mood

Featured Item:   Autumn Branch Wristlet


Curator:    MollyAnneMaker

Treasury Name:  Sequins (*this is the treasury I couldn’t see before I posted last weeks Treasury Saturday blog…)

Featured Item:   Purple Paisley Wristlet


Curator:    SuzyQQuilts

Treasury Name:  Shades of Grey

Featured Item:   Doe A Deer Wall Hanging


Curator:    NiftyKnits

Treasury Name:  Shimmering Rainbow

Featured Item:   Stormy Rainbow Quilt


Curator:    KimsCraftyApple

Treasury Name:  them apples – volume 8 (this made it to hot spot #3 in Twest!)


Curator:    Bohtieque

Treasury Name:  Straight from the Heart of Wiscon

Featured Item:   Starfish on the beach Candy Drop Ring


Curator:    Sedgeworks

Treasury Name:  Fading

Featured Item:   Mini Hoops and Loops Earrings – Burgundy Nature

fresh-taylorseclectic-082109Curator:    TaylorsEclectic

Treasury Name:  Fresh

Featured Item:   Spiral Candy Drop Ring


Curator:    pjlacasse

Treasury Name:  I have No

Featured Item:   Yellow and Green Swirled Flounce Dress


And with that…Treasury Saturday is concluded…see you next week!  I’m off to the Sun Prairie Farmer’s Market!

*some posts on this blog contain affiliate links to vendors such as Amazon - at no additional cost to you. The small amount of affiliate income I earn allows me to bring you free patterns and DIY tutorials, as well as pay for domain fees. For more information, please visit my Disclosure Statement and Advertising Policies page.