Etsy Keyword for For Front Page – August 12th - 18th

lHere’s the keyword list from last week. I find these by searching through the flickr account…anyone can do this whenever they are interested. It’s also a great way to see your things on front page if you missed it while it was actually up there.

Don’t forget to to see the themes/keywords that the Etsy Merchandising Team has laid out in advance go to the Storque article:

This will also be very helpful!



inspired by etsy Geekery

inspired by dark tales

inspired by a handmade wedding

Back to School Gear x 6

inspired by etsy Halloween x 6


inspired by eco wedding

inspired by fall fashion x 3

inspired by Leo birthdays

inspired by August birthstone peridot x 2


linen x 2

inspired by August weddings


inspired by fall gardening

woodland x 2

summer music festivals





inspired by an Indian summer

inspired by summer festival picnic

inspired by scholastic style




Weekend Deals with Free Worldwide Shipping



inspired by the unexpected



fall fashion x 2

inspired by a few wise owls

create a sleek office or dorm room inspired by the 1960s

inspired by chic geek

inspired by the august harvest

inspired by the art of entertaining

inspired by Halloween Skulls

inspired by dark romance


hmmm…where were the “woodstock” front pages that were talked about by the Merchandising Team?…

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