Halloween? Already?

I know what you mean, but etsy has put too many Halloween inspired front pages up for me to ignore it any longer.  I do LOVE Halloween, but I also think August is a bit early for it :) 

I put Halloween charm earrings up at theApple.  They are some fun little charms I found and made into earrings.  Not my most creative earrings but they are fun and festive for my favorite holiday!  Each pair is $7.50 and I only have one of each.  If you see something you like I wouldn’t wait too long to get it!

il_430xN_86421205Trick Or Treat Charm Earrings il_430xN_85956992Friendly Ghost Charm Earrings il_430xN_86059331Spooky Eye Charm Earrings il_430xN_86077554Spider Web Charm Earrings il_430xN_86134808Creepy Spider Charm Earrings il_430xN_86140040Candy Corn Charm Earrings il_430xN_86242461RIP Tombstone Charm Earrings il_430xN_86417274Jack O Lantern Charm Earrings il_430xN_86418988Black Cat Charm Earrings il_430xN_86420062 Skull and Crossbones Charm Earrings

I would love to hear if you have a favorite? 

Also, do you or your  family have any fun Halloween traditions you do every year?  Since we live in the country we have to ‘borrow’ a neighborhood in a nearby town to take the girls trick or treating!


  1. cute! cute! cute! and it IS early for Halloween. i mean, we haven't even passed Labor Day! it'll be Christmas before ya know it.....

  2. I'm from a moving company called E.E. Ward Moving & Storage. We have an onsite warehouse. This warehouse is huge (20,000ft)! We haven't had many halloween traditions in the past (other then fun halloween parties). However, this year we were thinking of making a ghost hunters parody involving our warehouse!

    Anyway -- Great blog, enjoyed reading it!!!


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