I Like the Goats

 027I’ll admit…I was a bit afraid of the cows…the goats I can handle.  They are quite friendly, sweet and they don’t have bugs swarming them or really long tongues (at least I don’t think they have really long tongues…).  031 Capri amazed by the goats!028Grandma helping the girls feed the goats oats (“Grandma, that’s not oats…that’s oatmeal!” Cedi says) 029 030 Capri’s a farm girl through and though!

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  1. I have a secret obsession with goats. Pigmy goats in particular. I want one. Back when I had my old car (Mitsubishi Eclipse) Collin told me if I brought a goat home in my car, I could keep it. I was driving by a neighbors house one day and saw a sign reading "goats for sale" I seriously thought about asking if I could borrow a goat for an hour or two. I would have loved to see Collin's face when I pulled up to the house with his head hanging out the window. I'm still kicking myself for not doing that.


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