‘The Meadow’ at Lapacek’s Orchard

There is a picnic table set by a few old trees in the middle of what used to be a pasture at my in-laws. Just recently we went around and named everything for this apple season and the visitors. My daughter Cedi always called the picnic table area ‘The Meadow’. Diane thought a tire swing would be a great addition to ‘The Meadow’.

On Monday, I received a surprise in the mail…two baby girl dresses made out of apple material from my etsy friend Kiki, of allthenumbers. They are just adorable! I promised her pictures. When my kids were playing on the tire swing in their new dresses I knew I had to snap a few. She purchased this perfect fall apple fabric from KarolsVintageArt Destash Sale section, another friend of mine on etsy...how perfect!024038 021 022 023 025 028 031 032 033 034 035

I think it looks like they had a good time!


  1. They both look adorable! and the swing looks like a hit too.

  2. How Cute!!! I love that Kiki turned that fabric into such "happy" dresses!

  3. What gorgeous dresses! I always loved tire-swings as a child - they bring back such happy memories whenever I see them now. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love the pictures of the girls in their dresses....oh so sweet!!


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