The Puzzler and the Cuddler

nce again 082From day one, Cedi has never liked to be held.  She is very independent and knows what SHE wants.  Lately she’s been really into puzzling.  She’s really good at it too!  I’m working on teaching her to start with the edges and work her way to the middle…just like the puzzle-master (ie my dad) taught me.  nce again 083

Capri is much more affectionate and cuddly.  She is attached to her bear, monkey and blanket (I know, know…a quilt is not a blanket…).  She’s content just being cuddled up on the couch.  If I’m laying on the couch watching Wheel of Fortune, it’s not long before Capri’s tugging at my arm and trying to crawl up with me. 

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