Themed Thursday – Farmer’s Market

Now that I’m off to the farmer’s market on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s it’s on my mind a lot and seemed like a fun theme for this week.

One thing that has really come in handy has been the vendor aprons I’ve gotten from OriginalsbyLauren.

il_430xN_84039257I think it would be great if I could get my father-in-law to wear the Firefighter Vendor Apron to the markets…but I don’t think that will happen…

il_430xN_80163557I bought a cute fall themed banner from corrcreations that I  hang on my tent to give it that little extra edge.  I’ve received a lot of compliments on it already!


This cloth market bag  from RosyUndPosy would be perfect for walking around and collecting all your goodies in!


The description says it all about these eco friendly produce bags from ficklefaerie

il_430xN_86729108And of course…we can’t forget about the kiddo’s!  How much fun will they have with  this Farmer’s Market Veggie Basket from bugbitesplayfood!?


I hope you enjoy your local farmer’s market!  I would love to hear what your favorite stand to visit is!  Mine is Sassy Cow lately…a dairy farm that sells ice cream…so yummy!


  1. Thanks Kim! We love walking around at our local farmer's market as well. Our favorite is visiting a friend selling her maple syrup & maple goodies. Erin loves to pick out the corn for dinner and carrying it for me. Last week we bought an AMAZING Blapple Berry PIe. Heavenly!

    I don't know your FIL but the thought of him wearing the fireman apron cracks me up!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my fireman apron. All your choices are great, and I bet the booth looks nice with the flags hanging. I am off to the farmers market this morning, and I will think of you.

    If your FIL wears the apron, take a picture!

  3. Thanks Kim...great feature and craftycow sounds delish!!!

  4. I love heading down to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning to find a big loaf of fresh bread from this couple that bakes them in an earthen oven. So delicious!! Have fun selling at your farmer's market and thanks so much for including my market bag in your entry :)

  5. Thanks for sharing all these awesome products Kim!

  6. I love the fabric of the cloth market bag. It's perfect with the red polka dots.


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