Themed Thursday – Put An Apron ON!

Last night I went to Kohl’s with my mother-in-law, two children, and my 30% off coupon looking for a Kitchen Aid Mixer for making cider donuts this fall.  I hit the jack pot!  I found a Kitchen Aid mixer that model was being discontinued so it was on sale for only $100!  Then…they were out of them so we got the okay to buy the floor sample…for 10% off.  I ended up getting a Kitchen Aid Mixer for just $60!  What a deal!  So…I need some great aprons to go with it for when I’m baking…time to do some ‘shopping’ on etsy!

il_430xN_82419894 Dandelion Fields – Sassy and Chic Apron by Sassyapron

il_430xN_84725371Pie Hole Apron by fabricalchemist 

il_430xN_770465871950s Full Petal Apron by TheWayWeWear 

il_430xN_84621018The Jessie-Short Pleated Apron by elindseyhornkohl 


Plus Size Batik African Mask Apron by OriginalsbyLauren

il_430xN_83584411 AUNT JESSIE'S Vintage Black/White Parisian Fashionista Full Apron by bambinoamore

il_430xN_84556410Flirt Apron – Aqua Ice and Lime Rose Bouquet by  perdoozy


Can you tell that I really like aprons?


  1. What a great deal on the mixer, and great selection of aprons. Thanks for featuring my batik apron.

  2. What a great selection! I am flattered to be here with so many other talented folks from Etsy, and here on your blog! Of course it's ok. Thank you so much! I think I'll go peruse your blog and those other aprons. Happy Thursday!


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