Front Page! and the Keyword’s from Front Page September 22nd – September 29th

I must start off this post with an apology for my delayed posting.  I typically post these on Tuesday’s but things were crazy this week and I’m finally sitting down to gather all the keywords now.

I think my delay was meant to be though, since earlier today at noon, I just happened to sit down at my in-laws computer (yes, they still have dial-up {scream, pull hair, scream some more}) while I gobbled down my chili and much to my surprise one of my ‘Them Apples' treasuries made the front page!  It was really exciting to see!  Especially since theApple’s Cranberry Crystal Earrings were a part of it.  frontpage-niftyknits

Thanks to niftyknits and strandsofflight for sending me a screen shot!

And now onto my list of keyword’s and inspired by front pages for this past week…hope this is helping some with their tagging…I know it’s helping me!


  • silhouette
  • birch
  • disco
  • harvest x 2
  • romantic x 2
  • plaid
  • burlap
  • modern
  • rustic x 2
  • organic x 2
  • woodland
  • acorn
  • rust
  • plum x 2



  • Etsy Halloween x 5
  • natural history
  • autumn accessories
  • autumn x 2
  • fall colors
  • September’s birthstone Sapphire
  • yoga
  • tea
  • love
  • fall fashion
  • cottage chic
  • a Match Made in Heaven
  • Halloween Geekery
  • Tribal
  • Indie Exclusives
  • an etsy Wedding
  • science
  • vampires and werewolves
  • gardens
  • vintage treasures
  • a handmade autumn
  • custom gift ideas
  • a autumn harvest
  • vampires
  • rich autumn fibers



  • Twitter Picks for Bruce Springsteen’s Birthday
  • Items from the Etsy Dark Team
  • Shop Indie Exclusives x 2
  • Create an Etsy Halloween x 6
  • Create a vintage inspired Halloween
  • Shop by Color Using etsy’s Color Picker


I keep posting about being in the voter…if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about please feel free to read the Voter FAQ.

I’ve been lucky to be nominated in a fair number of voters this year. voter1I’m happy to say that my Patchwork Trick or Treat Bag was nominated and chose for this weeks’ ‘Handmade Kids Pick the Best Halloween Item.’voter2 So, please take a moment now and go and VOTE for your favorite!

Across the Nation String Block Quilt

I participated in the Team Quiltsy Block Exchange earlier this year.  Quilters from across the country exchanged string block quilts to create some fabulous creations. 

We each sent out 12 – 12.5” string blocks, they were then mixed up by PamelaQuilts and redistributed amongst the participants.  I laid mine out when I received them in the mail and pondered what to do…it couldn’t be exactly like what everyone else would do…I like to be different. 

First, it felt like was too limited with just the 12 blocks and I really didn’t feel like making more…that would lose the ‘across the nation’ feel of the quilt.  So, I cut them all up into fours.  I now had 48 blocks to work with – much better. 

There are so many different layouts one can chose with the string blocks.  You could create a single diamond, you could just create a wonky diagonal pattern – I went with the double diamond effect.  I created two diamond centers and worked out from there. 

Then for the border…I just love the black with gold patterned fabric I chose for my first border.  It compliments the variety of fabrics and colors that were sent to me in the exchange.  To create a more dramatic border, and to increase the size of the quilt just a tad, I took some random string blocks I had created and cut them down to add even more dimension to the quilt. 

My aunt Barb, from Quilts by Barb did a fabulous meandering quilted pattern all over the quilt.  It was just perfect for this quilt.  With all the colors, fabrics, and designs, anything more complex than this would have just been too much.  She also added a beautiful blue printed fabric for the back of the quilt. 

Now onto the finishing touch!  I first machine sewed a strip of the same black and gold printed fabric from the border onto the edge of the quilt.  I hand-stitched the remainder of the binding on to complete the quilt.  Below is a picture of the end product:010

Across the Nation String Quilt by KimsCraftyApple

Approximate Dimensions:  45” x 57” (great lap quilt)

  • And here are a few more from other team members…I will add more as more complete the challenge so check back!

il_430xN_86247510String Pieced Tablerunner by OriginalsbyLauren 



Treasury Saturday, September 26th

Happy Saturday!  Looks like it’s going to be a bit overcast and rainy today…I just hope it holds off until my Farmer’s Market is over!  Here are the treasuries I made and have been honored to be featured in this past week…Enjoy!autumsbrilliance-bytheway-092509 Treasury:  Autumn’s Brilliance

Curator: Bytheway

Item Featured:  Fall Leafy Sunrise Bodysuit – 18 Monthsbagsofhonor-ponderosaquilter-092109 Treasury:  Bags of Honor

Curator:  PonderosaQuilter

Item Featured:  Black and White and Red All Over Denim Rag Bag

beautifulflutterfys-quiltedebabe-092109 Treasury:  Beautiful Flutterflys

Curator:  QuiltedBebe

Item Featured:  Rainforest Pillowcase

carmelicious-karolsvintageart-092509 Treasury:  Carmelicious

Curator: karolsvintageart

Item Featured:  Elegant ‘Kiss’ Wristlet 2

letsgetwarmandcozy-zaftigdelights-092709 Treasury:  Lets Get Warm and Cozy

Curator:  ZaftigDelights

Item Featured:  October Glow Tablerunner II

lastbreatheofsapphire-avramicopendants-092509 Treasury:  Last Breathe of Sapphire

Curator:  AvramicoPendants

Item Featured:  Under the Sea Baby Quilt


Treasury:  My Morning Favorites

Curator: lamaworks

Item Featured:  Fun With Fiber ACEO - OOAK

orangeautumn-avramico-092209 Treasury: Orange Autumn

Curator:  Avramico

Item Featured:  Elegant ‘Kiss’ Wristlet 2


Treasury: Them Apples, Volume Sleepy

Curator:  KimsCraftyApple

Special Note:  Made it to the number one hot spot in treasury west!

warmglow-ffflowers-092509 Treasury:  Warm Glow

Curator:  ffflowers

Item Featured:  Tie Dyed Bucket Hat – Size 50 cm Toddler – Purple and Orange

whatscooking-susansheehan-092009 Treasury:  What’s Cooking?

Curator: Susansheehan

Item Featured: Farm Fresh Recipes from Lapacek’s Orchard - cookbook

whenyellowleaves-glorioushats-092109 Treasury:  When Yellow Leaves

Curator:  GloriousHats

Item Featured:  Farm Fresh Recipes from Lapacek’s Orchard - cookbook

whereinspirationtookmevol2-crazydaisiesdesigns-092109 Treasury: Where Inspiration Took Me – Vol 2

Curator:  CrazyDaisiesDesigns

Item Featured:  Hungry Hungry Hippo Bodysuit – Take 2


I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of Treasury Saturday!

Random Pictures

070    Capri decided this morning that she wanted to poop on the potty…didn’t actually happen but she looks cute!016       The girls on the big rock in the front yard.023Grass love Capri and being carried around like this doesn’t bother him at all…otherwise I think he would run away from Capri instead of to. 047   I think Cedi may be an artist someday…she contently worked on her chalk rendition of her “elephant” for quite some time. 050       She even chalked on her face!066The girls and I hanging out on the rock amidst the beautiful mums… 067  069 Capri on the potty…I couldn’t exclude either of these pictures…just too cute!

Etsy Front Page Keyword for September September 14th – September 21st

Happy Autumn!

Here you go:  Don’t forget that we have a few new merchandising tips for our shops this month from ETSY that can be found HERE.  (love some feedback if this is helping you out or not…)


etsy Halloween x 3

harvest x 7


feng shui

autumn gold

autumn accessories x 2

pine cone

faux bois x 2






autumn x 4

autumn purples

fall fashion x 2

autumn weddings

shades of sapphire

Etsy’s geekery category

etsy Halloween x 6

vintage wedding



September birthstone sapphire


letters and numbers

fall colors

60’s folk trio x 2

autumn entertaining


Custom Gift Ideas

Halloween geekery

a steampunk Halloween x 2

haunted house

Create an Etsy Halloween x 2


fall organization

forest animals

the sea

autumn accessories

autumn travels


See you next Tuesday for more etsy admin keyword’s and inspirations!

Slow Cooker Recipe – Chicken Tortilla Soup

During busy times it’s always nice to have quick go-to recipes that will last your family the day or weekend.  Here’s one of my absolute favorites!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

4 cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into bite-sized pieces (I just boil the chicken up and cut it up or put the uncooked chicken with a little water in the slow cooker the day before you make the recipe or whenever and freeze it if you’re not ready to use)

1 15-oz can black beans, undrained

2 15-oz cans low-sodium Mexican stewed tomatoes, or Rotel tomatoes

1 cup low-sodium salsa (mild, medium or hot, whichever you prefer…I prefer homemade)

4-oz can chopped green chilies, undrained

2-14.5 oz cans chicken brother (I like the stuff with garlic in it)

1 T. ground cumin

chili powder to taste

baked tortilla chips

grated low-fat cheese

low-fat sour cream

1.  Combine all the ingredients except chips, cheese and sour cream in large slow cooker.

2.  Cover.  Cook on low 8 hours.  Stir when you think of it…not required just more fun.

3.  To serve, put a handful of chips in each individual soup bowl.  Ladle soup over chips.  Top with cheese and sour cream.


Close Talker & a ‘Swim’

I have discovered today that Cedi is what one would call a ‘close talker’.  You know, that person who is talking to you that just gets too close and doesn’t seem to leave you your personal space?…well, that’s Cedi.

Today, at the apple store, a little girl came in and Cedi decided that she REALLY wanted to be her friend.  So, to do this she just stood really, really, really, really close to her.  Every time the little girl backed up, Cedi would move with her. 

After purchasing a few things the customers decided to go outside and explore the orchard (they ended up having a lot of fun on the tire swing).  Of course, Cedi wanted to follow.  Luckily, Grandma was watering flowers and she decided it would be more fun to do that.  I’m going to take a wild guess that the little girl is not going to become friends with my ‘close talking’ daughter. 

A good friend of mine, Noah, showed up at the store to buy apples not long after this took place.  I introduced him to Frank, Diane and the girls and took him on a quick tour of the orchard.  When we returned to the shed I saw that my girls had decided to go for a ‘swim’.  What we saw were two naked little butts peaking over buckets of water.  Both girls were standing in 5 gallon buckets and having fun ‘swimming’.  I guess whatever keeps them happy right!?

Treasury Saturday, September 19th

Happy Saturday everyone!  It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day here just north of Madison, WI.  I’m off to the farmer’s market to sell apples!  I hope you enjoy the treasuries from last week!autumnapples-jaykayknits-091309Treasury Name:  Autumn Apples

Curator:  jaykayknits

Item Featured:  Apple Trees and Owls Tote Bags


Treasury Name: Autumn, Season of Calmness

Curator:  mamalitascrafts

Item Featured: Autumn Wonder Quilt


Treasury Name:  Autumn Delight

Curator:  warmnfuzzies

Item Featured:   Autumn Wonder Quilt


Treasury Name:  Thursday Favs

Curator:  MermaidTreasures

Item Featured: Ruby Red Baby Shoe Pincushion - Centipede


Treasury Name: Be Blue

Curator:  cutedesigns

Item Featured: Dinosaur Bones Child Apron - Custom


Treasury Name:  Come Fly With Me

Curator:  QuiltingGranny

Item Featured: Rainforest Pillowcase


Treasury Name:  Earthy Turquoise Copper

Curator:  chandcraftedjewelry

Item Featured: Turquoise Copper Cuff and Log Cabin Orphan Block ‘Kiss’ Wristlet


Treasury Name: For my rustic home

Curator: primsbyandrea

Item Featured:  Autumn Branch Wristlet


Treasury Name: For you

Curator: bahardecoration

Item Featured:   Striped Floral Garden Wristlet


Treasury Name: hot hot hot

Curator:  sewupscale

Item Featured: Natural Beauty Log Cabin Orphan Block Wristlet


Treasury Name: It feels like autumn

Curator:  Gaialai

Item Featured: Flowers of Autumn Quilt


Treasury Name: mwmwmwmwmwmwmwmw

Curator:  GEOmetricSTYLE

Item Featured:  Candy Corn Charm Earrings


Treasury Name: Orange Black

Curator: TeresasPrimTreasures

Item Featured: Animal Print Wristlet


Treasury Name: Snuggle Up Baby

Curator: OriginalsbyLaurenToo

Item Featured: Zany Springtime Bubble Romper


Treasury Name: so so so

Curator:  Lori411

Item Featured:  Swirly Wheat Wristlet


Treasury Name: Them Apples Vol P (for patchwork)

Curator: KimsCraftyApple


Treasury Name: Them Apples volume Caramel

Curator: theApple

Item Featured: A is for Apple Vintage Looking Child Apron - Custom


Treasury Name: Where’s the Pumpkin

Curator: waterrose

Item Featured: Patchwork Trick or Treat Tote Bag


Treasury Name: Don’t Miss the Beach in Autumn

Curator: laceramiste

Item Featured: Autumn Wonder Quilt


Treasury Name: For you

Curator: bahardecoration

Item Featured:  Tie Dyed Bucket Hat – Kids Size


And that concludes treasury Saturday…which one is your favorite?

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