Across the Nation String Block Quilt

I participated in the Team Quiltsy Block Exchange earlier this year.  Quilters from across the country exchanged string block quilts to create some fabulous creations. 

We each sent out 12 – 12.5” string blocks, they were then mixed up by PamelaQuilts and redistributed amongst the participants.  I laid mine out when I received them in the mail and pondered what to do…it couldn’t be exactly like what everyone else would do…I like to be different. 

First, it felt like was too limited with just the 12 blocks and I really didn’t feel like making more…that would lose the ‘across the nation’ feel of the quilt.  So, I cut them all up into fours.  I now had 48 blocks to work with – much better. 

There are so many different layouts one can chose with the string blocks.  You could create a single diamond, you could just create a wonky diagonal pattern – I went with the double diamond effect.  I created two diamond centers and worked out from there. 

Then for the border…I just love the black with gold patterned fabric I chose for my first border.  It compliments the variety of fabrics and colors that were sent to me in the exchange.  To create a more dramatic border, and to increase the size of the quilt just a tad, I took some random string blocks I had created and cut them down to add even more dimension to the quilt. 

My aunt Barb, from Quilts by Barb did a fabulous meandering quilted pattern all over the quilt.  It was just perfect for this quilt.  With all the colors, fabrics, and designs, anything more complex than this would have just been too much.  She also added a beautiful blue printed fabric for the back of the quilt. 

Now onto the finishing touch!  I first machine sewed a strip of the same black and gold printed fabric from the border onto the edge of the quilt.  I hand-stitched the remainder of the binding on to complete the quilt.  Below is a picture of the end product:010

Across the Nation String Quilt by KimsCraftyApple

Approximate Dimensions:  45” x 57” (great lap quilt)

  • And here are a few more from other team members…I will add more as more complete the challenge so check back!

il_430xN_86247510String Pieced Tablerunner by OriginalsbyLauren 



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  1. well if this isnt inspiration to finish mine what is?
    Thank you for inspiring me.



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