Close Talker & a ‘Swim’

I have discovered today that Cedi is what one would call a ‘close talker’.  You know, that person who is talking to you that just gets too close and doesn’t seem to leave you your personal space?…well, that’s Cedi.

Today, at the apple store, a little girl came in and Cedi decided that she REALLY wanted to be her friend.  So, to do this she just stood really, really, really, really close to her.  Every time the little girl backed up, Cedi would move with her. 

After purchasing a few things the customers decided to go outside and explore the orchard (they ended up having a lot of fun on the tire swing).  Of course, Cedi wanted to follow.  Luckily, Grandma was watering flowers and she decided it would be more fun to do that.  I’m going to take a wild guess that the little girl is not going to become friends with my ‘close talking’ daughter. 

A good friend of mine, Noah, showed up at the store to buy apples not long after this took place.  I introduced him to Frank, Diane and the girls and took him on a quick tour of the orchard.  When we returned to the shed I saw that my girls had decided to go for a ‘swim’.  What we saw were two naked little butts peaking over buckets of water.  Both girls were standing in 5 gallon buckets and having fun ‘swimming’.  I guess whatever keeps them happy right!?

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