Front Page! and the Keyword’s from Front Page September 22nd – September 29th

I must start off this post with an apology for my delayed posting.  I typically post these on Tuesday’s but things were crazy this week and I’m finally sitting down to gather all the keywords now.

I think my delay was meant to be though, since earlier today at noon, I just happened to sit down at my in-laws computer (yes, they still have dial-up {scream, pull hair, scream some more}) while I gobbled down my chili and much to my surprise one of my ‘Them Apples' treasuries made the front page!  It was really exciting to see!  Especially since theApple’s Cranberry Crystal Earrings were a part of it.  frontpage-niftyknits

Thanks to niftyknits and strandsofflight for sending me a screen shot!

And now onto my list of keyword’s and inspired by front pages for this past week…hope this is helping some with their tagging…I know it’s helping me!


  • silhouette
  • birch
  • disco
  • harvest x 2
  • romantic x 2
  • plaid
  • burlap
  • modern
  • rustic x 2
  • organic x 2
  • woodland
  • acorn
  • rust
  • plum x 2



  • Etsy Halloween x 5
  • natural history
  • autumn accessories
  • autumn x 2
  • fall colors
  • September’s birthstone Sapphire
  • yoga
  • tea
  • love
  • fall fashion
  • cottage chic
  • a Match Made in Heaven
  • Halloween Geekery
  • Tribal
  • Indie Exclusives
  • an etsy Wedding
  • science
  • vampires and werewolves
  • gardens
  • vintage treasures
  • a handmade autumn
  • custom gift ideas
  • a autumn harvest
  • vampires
  • rich autumn fibers



  • Twitter Picks for Bruce Springsteen’s Birthday
  • Items from the Etsy Dark Team
  • Shop Indie Exclusives x 2
  • Create an Etsy Halloween x 6
  • Create a vintage inspired Halloween
  • Shop by Color Using etsy’s Color Picker

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