Lesson Learned

Cedi spent the weekend with her Papa at Uncle Buddy’s campout.  She had a lot of fun playing with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa, following her cousin Kamryn around like a puppy dog, falling asleep on Grandma’s lap at the camp fire, bobbing for apples, and camping out in the trailer with Papa. 

Along with the campout came mosquito bites…lots and lots.  Papa did put on bug spray but Cedi must just be too sweet to resist.

I felt really bad for her yesterday morning so I thought I would give her just a little Benadryl to help her get through the crazy itchiness.  BIG MISTAKE!  At first she just laid around and watched her movie calmly while I worked at the apple store.  Then, she just started to act wacko…it was so weird!  She was throwing things, making mean faces and just not being herself at all.  At first it was funny but then I started to get nervous.  Grandma Lapacek thought she was being weird too.  When Papa came back from his first load of picking we sent her back with him in hopes of her taking a nap.  She didn’t sleep at first but the Benadryl must have started to wear off…as she started to act more and more herself.

I’ll have to admit I was scared for a bit…but I’m glad she’s fine and now I know…no Benadryl for awhile yet…

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    I'm following you now. I love your tagline about the beer....sometimes, it helps sooooo much! Have a good day!


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