Themed Thursday – Mittens!

After the last two weeks’ themes being Cowls and Hats, I’m sure it comes to you as a shocker that I chose mittens this week!


These Black and Cream Fingerless Mittens with Dark Brown Vintage Buttons from CoquelicotSalon would be absolutely perfect for sorting apples, working at farmer’s markets or something more likely for the majority…typing in a cold room.


I just love the look and concept of these ArM WaRmErS – Recycled – Woodsy Greens – made from upcycled sweaters from katwise.


coolranchstudio painted this gorgeous original painting – red mitten. It won’t actually keep my hands warm but will definitely warm a room up when it’s hanging on the wall.


These Organic Cotton Arm Sleeves from KreativeMindz looks fabulous and it’s fun to find some mittens that are not knit or crocheted.


Barefootinvermont’s Alpaca Celtic Tree of Life Mittens look just amazingly warm and cozy – and they are gorgeous as well!

What are your favorite mittens for the winter time?


  1. thank you you, kim for including my painting among these cozy items, :)

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