My Favorite Things

I think I’m going to start a new themed blog artlicle…all about ‘my favorite things.’  I’m going to try to write whenever a new ‘favorite thing’ occurs.  I guess I figure that this blog is going to have to make up for the lack of scrapbook that I’ve made my children….

One thing happened tonight that made me realize how much the small things mean.  Capri and Cedi were hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa while Jared and I made cider donuts (I don’t like them being around the hot grease…).  When I went to pick them up Capri was already asleep.  I transferred her from the bed to the car van and then again from the van to her bed without her moving at all.  Just carrying her all curled up and asleep in my arms made my stomach drop with love.  How much better can it get?

And so, I’m starting

My Favorite Things…

holding a sleeping baby

baby armpits


What are some of your favorite things?

Themed Thursday – Sick Kid

We were woken up last night an hour after I made it to bed to my daughter crying from a bad dream and a horrendous cough.  She’s not quite three yet so there’s not much we can do for her.  I will be call the doctor in a little bit here and see if they want me to bring her in.  Croup is going around the daycare she’s at so I’m guessing it’s her turn.  Anyway, here are a few things I found when I did the search term ‘sick’ on etsy.


This Fairies Love Dancing art card proceeds will be donated to Sick Childrens Hospital from artforU caught my eye immidiately.  I just love the story behind this card and love that the proceeds go to help sick children…just beautiful (my daughter just said, “I want that butterfly baby!”)

Okay switching gears…I saw way to many ‘sick’ items during my search that I need to not look there anymore…

il_430xN_91610911 We’re switching gears to things that would help Cedi feel better right now.  I know she would just love to cuddle this Custom Made Elephant Eco Softie from MaidenLove

il_430xN_73976509 I know she would love to cuddle up in this Rainforest Flannel Quilt that I made…so cozy, warm and cuddly!

il_430xN_90077576 She would be comfortable resting her head on this Minky Pillow from Goldtone Designs as she watches movies and naps throughout the day (crossing my fingers..)


My last pick for the day is this Pink Irukandji Box Jellyfish Plush – Minky and Super Squishy from AMPdesign.  I chose this because I’m hoping Cedi is better by Saturday and can be the pink jellyfish she wants to be for Halloween. 

New Tumbler Quilt!

  nce again 007 

This gorgeous tumbler block quilt is absolutely perfect for anytime of the year.  I created it using 8 different Kaffe Fasset fabrics which I purchased from The tumbler pattern creates the perfect whimsical look.

My aunt-in-law, Barb from, added a beautiful and crazy fabric for the backing that goes fabulously with the quilt.

nce again 017 She then machine quilted this with a continuous intertwining wavy pattern! nce again 019The binding was done with a rich mixture of hand-dyed fabric. One side was machine stitched and then I hand stitched the back edge on. The perfect finishing touch. nce again 021
Approximate Dimensions: 50” x 59”

KeyWords for Etsy’s Front Page – Oct 19th – Oct 26th

Here’s another edition…has this post been helping anyone with their tagging?  I would love to hear if you like this quick summary of the front pages for the week.


  • forest x 2
  • modern
  • harvest
  • mustard
  • spice
  • wooden
  • cashmere
  • plum
  • fox
  • romantic x 2
  • honey
  • acorn
  • steampunk
  • Halloween
  • plaid
  • woodland
  • leaves
  • rustic
  • natural history



  • Vampires
  • autumn entertaining
  • winter holidays x 2
  • El Dia de los Muertos
  • cold weather accessories
  • an etsy Halloween x 2
  • green cleaning
  • shabby chic
  • mod x 2
  • fall fashion x 2
  • autumn weddings
  • Scorpios
  • autumn accessories x 4
  • rustic fall
  • natural history
  • shades of cream
  • a fairytale romance
  • an Etsy Holiday



  • Custom Gift Ideas
  • Found throughout Etsy’s Geekery Category
  • Create an Etsy Halloween
  • Celebrating 1 million Twitter Followers with your Twitter Picks
  • Create an Office
  • Pounce your Way Into Fresh Finds

Gift Guide

gift guide

Thanks to everyone’s support in last week’s voter!  My quilt was a runner up and I am in the Member’s Choice Gift Guide and happen to pop up on front page here and there in the upper left…woo hoo!

Thanks again!

Sunday Gifts – The Sentimental

I was really happy with the response to last week’s ‘Sunday Gifts – the Babysitter’ post.  I received many great requests for people you need to gifts for and will do my best to cover as many bases as possible between now and Christmas.  Please keep posting your questions…I can always do this more than once a week. 

I chose a request from a fellow Quiltsy Teammate, kimbuktu, for this week’s gift giving ideas since it may need some time to accomplish.  Here’s her dilemma: 

“My toughest gift is for my mom believe it or not. She wants something that shows someone really "gets" her. She is not impressed with handmade. Her favorite present from me thus far was last year when I sent her a facebook video cam of our whole family and a few extras singing Happy Birthday to her. How can I match that (or beat it) for Xmas?” –kimbuktu

I have been pondering this issue a lot over the past week.  I have a few ideas in mind that will hopefully work but these are the toughest people to impress so I will also wish you good luck.

My first thought is that I know kimbuktu is an amazing quilter. 

il_430xN_17031108 Case in Point – Tropical Colors Quilt

So my idea is this:  communicate with other family members and ask them to write down what first comes to mind (that is nice and sentimental) when it comes to her mother…is it a recipe, a feeling, a memory?  Then take all that and make a quilt inspired by that.  Maybe one block has a recipe written with fabric pen (or printed by the computer) on it…another has a picture of a picnic or something reminiscent of a picnic, if she’s an amazing gardener maybe some flowers, a quote of a fun time and put that all together on a quilt for your mom.  I know she says that she’s not impressed by handmade but I don’t know how someone could not be amazing by this.  If you are not a quilter I’m sure someone from the Quiltsy Team would willing to be commissioned to create a beautiful quilt for you…don’t be afraid to ask around!

The same type idea could be captured in a scrapbook or a collage of some sort.  Or, just create a mixed sound byte of what everyone’s thinking…a keepsake to last forever.

Next Idea.

What about a fabulous getaway to a cozy bed and breakfast in the area?  In Wisconsin, Door County is known for their bed and breakfasts and you can afford to do this type gift if you decide on an off-season time.  Something cozy and romantic for a couple or relaxing for the single. 

12078593932381344_1 This picture was taken from the Speckled Hen Inn’s Website, Madison, WI. 

Next Idea.

Another gift that an old friend of mine does every year is that she compiles a bunch of pictures from throughout the year and then creates a slideshow with music that fits the pictures, the events, the days.  Every year she has the whole family in tears and laughter as they watch her compilation. 

That’s all I have for now…if I think of more ideas I’ll add on and keep you posted of the update!

Cedi, Cedi, Cedi…

Cedi helped Grandma put the toppings on her beyond delicious homemade pizza tonight…she had fun sporting her new personalized apron that I made for her.014There wasn’t quite as much cheese on the pizza as there is usually…016But someone really enjoyed it!013After we enjoyed Diane’s ridiculously delicious pizza, Cedi decided it was time for dancing (mom and dad were heading out for a little bit to go to the Haunted Hay Ride at the Mackenzie Center).  In order to dance, Cedi had to be ‘pretty’…after an unusual long time of quiet from the bathroom…I went to check out what was going on.018 It seems that Cedi found some of Grandma’s colored chap stick and decided she needed make-up for dancing.017I couldn’t help but laugh!

Cedi, Cedi, Cedi…    

Treasury Saturday – October 24th

Happy Saturday everyone!  Earlier this week they were predicting snow for us but it looks like that has left the forecast!  Yeah!  Especially considering I have to spend the next 5+ hours selling apples a the Farmer’s Market! 

Lots of treasuries this week so ENJOY!youlookgrape-dbabcock-102109

Treasury:  You Look Grape

Curator: dbabcock

Featured Item:  Groovy Purple Wave Wristlet


Treasury:  Clay Quilts Cozy

Curator:  dorothydomingo

Featured Item:  Secret Santa Tumbler Lap Quilt


Treasury:  Elegant Rustic Home

Curator: LinDesigns

Featured Item:  Apple Trees and Owls Tote Bag


Treasury:  Fallen Leaves on a Clear Day

Curator: WarmnFuzzies

Featured Item:  Patchwork Corduroy Quilt


Treasury:  Flights of Fancy

Curator:  WaterRose

Featured Item:  Apple Trees and Owls Tote Bag


Treasury:  Have you ever?

Curator:  QuiltsbyBarb

Featured Item:  Raggy Bullseye Quilt


Treasury:  Heading in for Hibernation

Curator:  FeltSewCrafty

Featured Item:  Patchwork Corduroy Quilt


Treasury:  Hello Fr

Curator:  OriginalsbyLauren

Featured Item:  Raggy Bullseye Quilt


Treasury:  In Deep of the Night

Curator:  Lori411

Featured Item:  Doe A Deer Wall Hanging


Treasury:  It’s Coming Up

Curator:  LindenAvenueDesigns

Featured Item:  Alphabet Pillowcase


Treasury:  I WANT these Apples

Curator:  KimsCraftyApple

justsomeprettycolors-ecofriendly4u-101809 Treasury:  Just Some Pretty Colors

Curator:  EcoFriendly4U

Featured Item:  Apple Trees and Owls Tote Bag


Treasury:  leaves

Curator:  gaialai

Featured Item:  Leafy Fall Hand Dyed T-Shirt - 2T

limone e menta passionarte-102309

Treasury:  limone e menta

Curator:  passionarte

Featured Item:  Yellow and Green Swirled Flounce Dress


Treasury:  More than Just beer

Curator:  OilRefills

Featured Item:  True Lover’s Knot Quilt


Treasury:  Open Me Up!

Curator:  theApple

Featured Item:  Ornament:  Glittery Lime Floral Orb


Treasury:  Them Apples Volume Beautiful

Curator:  KimsCraftyApple

themapplesvolstunning-kims-102009 Treasury:  Them Apples Vol Stunning

Curator:  KimsCraftyApple

Featured Item:  Art Glass Chunky Woven Bracelet


Treasury:  Tupelo Honey

Curator:  HandjStarCreations

Featured Item:  Black Bird Earrings


Treasury:  What a Beautiful Gift I Have

Curator:  EfiWarsh

Featured Item:  Grow ACEO - OOAK


Treasury:  Where Inspiration Took Me Vol 8

Curator:  CrazyDaisiesDesigns

Featured Item: Purple and Blue Magic Chunky Bracelet


Treasury:  Wonky

Curator: QuiltFinger

Featured Item:  Naturally Salmon Rock Earrings

earthystyle-midnightcoiler-102309 Treasury:  Earthy Style

Curator:  MidnightCoiler

Featured Item:  Autumn Branch Wristlet

Ihavenoidea-lamaworks-102309Treasury:  I Have No Idea

Curator:  LamaWorks

Featured Item:  Sunshine tie Dyed Onesie & Summer Beauty Quilt

Themed Thursday – Time to Figure out Your Halloween Costume!

Hi everyone! Welcome to this week's edition of ‘Themed Thursday’! I decided to do it on Halloween Costumes since I’m having a hard time envisioning just how I’m going to make my almost three year old daughter a ‘pink snake costume with a long tongue’. I’m currently working on trying to get ‘snake charmer’ into her head instead…I’m sure I’ll get something put together in time though! (Oh, and she wants her sister to be a Christmas snake…she saw some Christmas fabric when we were at JoAnn’s and that’s what she decided I should use for Capri’s ‘snake’…hmmmm…)


The first costume that caught my eye when doing my search for costumes was a Kind of Pale Jewel Tatted Mask from TotusMel.


This Rainbow Lollipop Costume from lilyjillbowtique is absolutely adorable (and super affordable…only $31)! Also, I just found out that if you mention that you saw the lollipop tutu on my blog at checkout, lilyjill will include a FREE flower clip with your order!


My DH would really appreciate if I chose this for my costume: a Pink and Black Burlesque Showgirl Corset Costume with Mini Top Hat from olgaitaly.

il_430xN_92378789How beautiful is this Enchanted Fairy Ware from MeadowLion1120?


I would love to have this Knit Leia Wig made for me from ansleybleu’s pattern.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Halloween. For even more idea’s for costume’s make sure to check out etsy’s Halloween Costume Gift Guide. Oh…and wish me luck on the ‘pink snake with a long tongue’ costume!

Which Is YOUR Favorite Holiday Decor?

Well, I hope you’re answer is the Brilliant Flowers of Autumn Quilt by KimsCraftyApple (aka ME)!


Yup, it’s true! My quilt made this week’s voter. There are lots, 40 to be exact, of fabulous fall items to choose from – make sure you take a few minutes to support your favorite item and VOTE!

You can go HERE to read about last week’s voter’s winner and runner up AND nominate your favorite CANDY themed item!

Thanks again for everyone’s support!

To Doctor We Go

Yesterday the girls had their ‘well baby’ check up with a new doctor.  That’s right, I’m sad to say that my other doctor left the clinic for bigger and better things (another baby and no more OB…) and I had to find a new one.  Well, I headed a bit closer to home and now just have to travel about 10 minutes to the doctor instead of 20. 

005Cedi weighed in at 30 lbs (yes, she FINALLY hit the 30 lb mark!) (between 25-50 percentile) and is 37.5” tall (between 50th and 75th percentile) .  She has grown 17.5” since in the last 35 months and has gained 23 lbs 3 oz.




003Capri weighed in at 24 lbs 14 oz (between 25-50 percentile) and is 34.5” tall (between 90 and 95th percentile).  She’s gained 16 lbs 13 oz and has grown 13.5” in the last 19 months!

Keywords from Etsy’s Front Page – October 13th - 19th

And yet another rendition of Keyword’s from etsy!  Let’s get started:



  • wolf
  • cream
  • woodland
  • harvest
  • forest
  • retro
  • plum
  • romantic
  • ice blue
  • rustic


  • shades of yellow
  • crafting
  • fall fashion x 2
  • fall weddings
  • winter accessories
  • etsy Halloween x 2
  • woodlands
  • tribal style
  • slow food
  • winter holidays x 2
  • autumn entertaining
  • Etsy’s Geekery Category
  • noir
  • fall accessories x 2
  • Halloween Geekery
  • a dark romance
  • artful entertaining
  • Libras


Create an Etsy Halloween x 4
  • DIY Inspiration
  • Custom Gift Ideas
  • Favorites from Etsy Twitter Followers x 2
  • Member’s Choice
  • A Countryside Inspired Holiday
  • Elegant Holiday Entertaining Ideas
  • Pounce your way to Fresh Finds
  • **This list isn’t quite complete…I have it through sometime on 10/18/09 currently…I will be updating it as more front pages get posted***

    Christmas In October?

    If you’re anything like me and you love gift giving and finding the best gifts for that special occasion or holiday season you are always on the look out for presents.  I figured, since I have them ready, I might as well start posting them for those that think about what gifts to give and plan ahead. 

    I’ll start with my big ticket item for the holidays:  Secret Santa Tumbler Lap Quilt  024 This gorgeous tumble block quilt is absolutely perfect for Christmas (for you or as a gift)!  I created it using 8 different Secret Santa fabrics from the Benartex collection which I purchased from  The tumbler pattern creates the perfect whimsical look.

    022To make it even more warm and snuggly I backed it with three different winter printed flannel fabrics.  So cozy!

    My aunt-in-law, Barb from, machine quilted this with a beautiful circular patterns...reminiscent of snow!

    The binding was done with remaining strips of the same fabric I used for the tumblers.  The perfect finishing touch.

    Approximate Dimensions:  52” x 57”016 I also offer a wide selection in colors, designs, and sizes of hand-dyed, discharged bodysuits that are prefect for the upcoming holiday season!  I just chose a few of my personal favorites to feature on here:049   Beautiful Ornament Long-sleeved Bodysuit - XL077Super Santa Bodysuit – 0 to 3 mo.096Package of Joy Bodysuit - small127 Red and Green Sleigh Hand Dyed Bodysuit – large

    The next Holiday Item that I have for sale in my shop are my fabric ornaments. 

     nce again 014 These ornaments are unique in the fact that I made them using my leftover fabric scraps from other projects and then added some glitter to create that extra shine.  I currently have four for sale:  Sparkly Fuchsia Orb, Swirling Purple Disc, Glittery Lime Green Floral Orb, and the Animal Print Disc.  Each one unique and special in it’s own way.  Anyone or all that you chose will look fabulous on your tree for many years to come.

    So, those are the new things for the holidays…so far.  I have some ideas in my head that I have yet to try…hopefully I’ll get some put together before too long.  No worries, I’ll keep you posted!

    *some posts on this blog contain affiliate links to vendors such as Amazon - at no additional cost to you. The small amount of affiliate income I earn allows me to bring you free patterns and DIY tutorials, as well as pay for domain fees. For more information, please visit my Disclosure Statement and Advertising Policies page.