KeyWords for Etsy’s Front Page – Oct 19th – Oct 26th

Here’s another edition…has this post been helping anyone with their tagging?  I would love to hear if you like this quick summary of the front pages for the week.


  • forest x 2
  • modern
  • harvest
  • mustard
  • spice
  • wooden
  • cashmere
  • plum
  • fox
  • romantic x 2
  • honey
  • acorn
  • steampunk
  • Halloween
  • plaid
  • woodland
  • leaves
  • rustic
  • natural history



  • Vampires
  • autumn entertaining
  • winter holidays x 2
  • El Dia de los Muertos
  • cold weather accessories
  • an etsy Halloween x 2
  • green cleaning
  • shabby chic
  • mod x 2
  • fall fashion x 2
  • autumn weddings
  • Scorpios
  • autumn accessories x 4
  • rustic fall
  • natural history
  • shades of cream
  • a fairytale romance
  • an Etsy Holiday



  • Custom Gift Ideas
  • Found throughout Etsy’s Geekery Category
  • Create an Etsy Halloween
  • Celebrating 1 million Twitter Followers with your Twitter Picks
  • Create an Office
  • Pounce your Way Into Fresh Finds


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