Keywords from Etsy’s Front page from September 30th – October 5th

Here you go again: my list of keyword’s and inspired by front pages for this past week…hope this is helping some with their tagging…I know it’s helping me!


  • eco
  • linen
  • rustic
  • equestrian
  • woodland
  • *** updating 10/11/09
  • rustic
  • fall foliage
  • woodland
  • avocado
  • wood grain
  • ruby
  • skeleton
  • dance
  • harvest
  • fringe
  • autumn accessories
  • burlap
  • acorn
  • lipstick
  • cranberry


  • rainy days
  • autumn entertaining
  • autumn harvest
  • September Birthstone Sapphire
  • October Birthstone Opal x 2
  • etsy Halloween
  • vampires
  • fall accessories
  • fall entertaining
  • autumn
  • cottage chic
  • weekend travels
  • luxurious fibers
  • vintage treasures
    ***Updating 10/11/09
  • etsy Geekery Category
  • haunted house
  • weekend travels
  • vintage treasures
  • autumn
  • life lines
  • fall gardening


  • Create an Etsy Halloween x 4
  • Create a Handmade Wedding
  • Items with Free Shipping
  • Shop Indie Exclusives
  • ***updating 10/11/09
  • create an etsy halloween x 5
  • Welcoming October
  • What's Your Wardrobe Equation?

***NOTE**** I’ll have to update this list in a day or two…the photostream is not all up on flickr yet. I’ll do what I can! ***UPDATED on 10/11/09


  1. I am keeping an eye on these keywords.

  2. What a great idea, Kim! Thanks for sharing this!


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