Yes, it’s true.  Capri is finally starting to talk more.  It seems like it’s taken so long to get her to say words!  I know she understands everything going on but she got by without having to communicate (speaking-wise) for so long I guess she didn’t feel the urge to talk.  Sure, she’s been saying all those great things you love to here them say:  No, Mine, for quite a while, but not the great things like Momma, love you (well, she’s still not saying that but I’m working on it and Cedi’s helping me with this too), please. 

One of my favorite things that she says now is ‘Milp’.  She used to say Mi peas but now she’s just made it easier on her self and says MILP (Milk Please).  LOVE! 

It seems that everyday a new thing comes out of her mouth!  I can’t wait to hear what today brings!

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