Sunday Gifts – The Sentimental

I was really happy with the response to last week’s ‘Sunday Gifts – the Babysitter’ post.  I received many great requests for people you need to gifts for and will do my best to cover as many bases as possible between now and Christmas.  Please keep posting your questions…I can always do this more than once a week. 

I chose a request from a fellow Quiltsy Teammate, kimbuktu, for this week’s gift giving ideas since it may need some time to accomplish.  Here’s her dilemma: 

“My toughest gift is for my mom believe it or not. She wants something that shows someone really "gets" her. She is not impressed with handmade. Her favorite present from me thus far was last year when I sent her a facebook video cam of our whole family and a few extras singing Happy Birthday to her. How can I match that (or beat it) for Xmas?” –kimbuktu

I have been pondering this issue a lot over the past week.  I have a few ideas in mind that will hopefully work but these are the toughest people to impress so I will also wish you good luck.

My first thought is that I know kimbuktu is an amazing quilter. 

il_430xN_17031108 Case in Point – Tropical Colors Quilt

So my idea is this:  communicate with other family members and ask them to write down what first comes to mind (that is nice and sentimental) when it comes to her mother…is it a recipe, a feeling, a memory?  Then take all that and make a quilt inspired by that.  Maybe one block has a recipe written with fabric pen (or printed by the computer) on it…another has a picture of a picnic or something reminiscent of a picnic, if she’s an amazing gardener maybe some flowers, a quote of a fun time and put that all together on a quilt for your mom.  I know she says that she’s not impressed by handmade but I don’t know how someone could not be amazing by this.  If you are not a quilter I’m sure someone from the Quiltsy Team would willing to be commissioned to create a beautiful quilt for you…don’t be afraid to ask around!

The same type idea could be captured in a scrapbook or a collage of some sort.  Or, just create a mixed sound byte of what everyone’s thinking…a keepsake to last forever.

Next Idea.

What about a fabulous getaway to a cozy bed and breakfast in the area?  In Wisconsin, Door County is known for their bed and breakfasts and you can afford to do this type gift if you decide on an off-season time.  Something cozy and romantic for a couple or relaxing for the single. 

12078593932381344_1 This picture was taken from the Speckled Hen Inn’s Website, Madison, WI. 

Next Idea.

Another gift that an old friend of mine does every year is that she compiles a bunch of pictures from throughout the year and then creates a slideshow with music that fits the pictures, the events, the days.  Every year she has the whole family in tears and laughter as they watch her compilation. 

That’s all I have for now…if I think of more ideas I’ll add on and keep you posted of the update!


  1. Awww Kim, it was so sweet of you to tackle my gift giving dilemma. I love your ideas. The 2nd one of a time away, especially if I could go with her and just spend some one on one time, is my favorite. She lives far away (Alaska) so we don't get to spend a lot of time together.

    I am going to have to work on that one. Thanks so much!


  2. Keep the ideas coming. Your new column is great.

  3. What about a personalized calendar? You can put family photos for each month and also include important dates (birthdays, anniversaries or fun family dates). It lasts all year. I think you can get them most places that develop photos or just do an on-line search.


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