Themed Thursday – POPCORN!

I just finished making mad quantities of caramel apples with my hubby, friend and parents for our apple shop and I sat down to do some etsy work when I realized I had to come up with a theme for Thursday! It seemed only fitting to match it up with the snack I’m enjoying (and frequently enjoy) – POPCORN! Here are some of my finds:


Hot Buttered Popcorn - Lip Balm/Gloss - Moisturizing - Smooths and Protects Your Lips from ABreathofFrenchair sounds soooo yummy to me! I just love buttered popcorn!

il_430xN_67067385 Pass the Popcorn – 8x10 Print by marvelousa


Hot Buttered Popcorn Lightswitch Cover from starrscreation


Popcorn and Movie Themed Quilt from stitchit1


Movie Night Popcorn Bowls by belovedbaglady


  1. Love your blog!!! It's popcorn season for sure! Thank you, thank you for including my bowls! They are so fun ;)

  2. how fun! popcorn is a favorite of mine also!


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