Sunday Gift Guide – Your Boss or The ‘Professional’

Wow! I didn’t know how difficult it was going to be for me to get these posts up on Sunday! I had a fabulous day at the 5th annual Craftacular in Madison, WI, yesterday and today I’ve spent most of the day celebrating my daughter’s THIRD birthday!

So…now it’s time for my Gift Guide. This one is going to be a little tough but hopefully I can find some great ideas!


When I started my search one thing that caught my eye was business card holders. I finally decided to feature this one from JoliOriginals – the BUSINESS CARD HOLDER black leather / pink felt - DUTCH DESIGN. I just love the combination of the sophisticated leather and the hint of hot pink to add a little fun!


I’m normally a girl that likes a lot of color. But from my few years in the ‘professional’ world I know that doesn’t necessarily earn you a lot of respect (at least in the field I used to be in). I also learned that lots of color doesn’t necessarily mean style. I think this 15-inch Laptop Sleeve - Grey Wool Felt and Brown Leather from ByrdandBelle would be an absolutely fabulous gift for anyone in the “professional” world. It screams “Put together with style!” to me.


I think this Upcycled Felted Wool Sweater Gadget Pouch – Owl from newgreenmama is absolutely adorable and would be the prefect storage pouch for an ipod or blackberry.


I think this Wine Bag Christmas Gift Recycled Wool Eco-Friendly Tan Cozy Sleeve from WoolyWooly would be a great gift with a nice bottle of wine to help everyone take a deep breathe and relax during the crazy holiday season.

My co-workers and I have also gone in together and gotten a gift certificate for my boss to a really nice restaurant he talked about frequently for a nice ‘night out’ for him and his wife.

Hope this helps! I would love to hear other people’s gift ideas for bosses or ‘the professional’.

Happy 3rd Birthday Mercedi Rose!

A picture from just after Cedi was born…Mercedi_062Here’s Cedi on her first birthday…looks pretty excited about her cake!100_1038Cedi when she turned 2! cedi

I had to put these pictures up like I did on Capri’s second birthday! The picture on the left is me right before I went to the hospital to have Cedi (Jared also wanted his picture taken…) and then me with Cedi today…the day she turned 3!



Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby… Mercedi Rose!

I’ll see how much of her ‘birth story’ I can rem


ember. We actually went into the hospital on November 28th. I was being induced because my blood pressure was high. They tried something first that they let sit for the night to try and get things going…nothing really happened. They tried another thing in the morning…nothing really happened. Then they decided to try the Pitocin with the warning that, “If this doesn’t work we may be sending you home.” This was not an option for me! They started the pitocin at 1:30. Labor started immediately. It went so fast that I didn’t even get the epidural I desperately wanted. I had my beautiful baby girl, Mercedi Rose, at 5:30pm just four hours after labor began, on November 29th, 2006. She was 6 lbs 13 oz (the doctors had thought she would be in the 9 lb range at my ultrasound the previous Friday) but she was 20-inches long! Long and skinning…same as today.


I’m up early about to head out for the Craftacular in Madison, WI, today.  I should have done a really good teaser blog to this but I just haven’t had time as I’ve been making LOTS of new, great things for it! 

If you are in the area you should definitely stop by!  There are going to be OVER 60 local artists!  A perfect spot to finish up your holiday shopping.

To read more details go to:

To visit stop by:

Madison Masonic Center
301 Wisconsin Ave
Madison WI 53703

Hope to see you today!

Themed Thanksgiving Thursday

I wanted to start out this post wishing all my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I have so much to be thankful for…I will just take a minute to name a few…

my beautiful, loving children

an amazing, understanding, supportive husband

a healthy family and a healthy me

a prosperous apple season

jobs I love (stay at home mom, crafting entrepreneur, orchardist)

good friends to drink coffee with


And now, I’m going to move onto a Themed Thanksgiving Thursday!  Here’s a few fun Turkey Day Finds!

il_430xN_103140248Turkey with Stuffing Felt Play Food from bugbitesplayfood 

il_430xN_102129381Crocheted Turkey from  Sabahnur

il_430xN_43754744 Funny Gobble til you Wobble Thanksgiving Food Vinyl Wall Lettering Words Decals Art Graphic from willowcreekdesigns


Gobble Gobble Carved Turkey Centerpiece Bowl Gourd Display from rivershed

il_430xN_54816640 Turkey Bone Pendant from UmbilicusDesigns

I would love to hear what everyone else is thankful for this beautiful holiday.

What am I Bringing to Thanksgiving Dinner?

Besides frozen cider donuts that is…

Margarita Slush

2 (12-oz) cans lime-aide

2 (12-oz) cans water

4 c. tequila

2 c. Triple Sec

1/4 c. lime juice (mixed with 2 c. water)

Mix all ingredients. Freeze 24 hours in a very large container (mix several times)

To serve: Salt rim of glass by running fresh lime ground glass rim and dip in rock salt. Scoop frozen mixture into glass. Add slice of fresh lime.

Side Note: I made a double batch…really glad I decided to post this since I didn’t read the “mixed with 2 c. water” after the lime juice the first time…I would have been 4 c. of water short! Ooops!

I would love to hear what you're bringing to dinner!

A Smelly, But FABULOUS Milestone

Yes, I had to blog about it.  Capri made her first number 2 on the TOILET!  She insisted that she had to go and I’ve been a bit resistant since it’s a ridiculous tantrum when I try to get her off the potty but I had plenty of time this morning so I plopped her on the potty.  Sure enough…after sitting for about 10 minutes…she pooped!  I was so proud of her and she was proud of herself and even said said, “I’m very proud of my sister.”

So yeah!  One less poopy diaper for me to change!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Keyword Front Page of Etsy – November 17th – November 2oth


  • faux bois
  • mod
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  • woodland
  • eco
  • recycled



  • winter holidays
  • regency
  • the harvest
  • a woodland holiday
  • a winter frost



  • Holiday Gift Ideas x 9++ … instead of saying ‘found browsing etsy categories, etsy is now saying ‘Holiday Gift Ideas’…it was the front page theme A LOT
  • Create an Etsy Holiday
  • Winter Accessories
  • Gift Ideas Under $100 USD
  • Items with Free Shipping
  • Awesome Owls
  • Personalized Gift Ideas


I’ll probably put some more up later in the week considering I only have three days worth here…

Gift Guide – For Baby

Since I have two small children I’m always looking for great gifts for them…but sometimes it’s really hard to compete with lego’s and My Little Ponies and Dora!  Here are some great handmade items that I’m sure any small child or baby would love to receive this Christmas!

Oh…and before I begin I want to point you to a great promotion team etsyBaby is doing.  Just click HERE to find out more details!  Don’t wait too long…the promotion ends November 30th. 

il_430xN_99335615 The perfect Christmas Holly Jolly Holiday Sassy Pants Diaper Cover Panty Ruffles Ruffles Ruffle from SherbetBaby for all those holiday parties you get to show off your baby at.  They will have the cutest bum there!

il_430xN_104500411The perfect WARM Knit Santa Hat from luluswoobies for babies’ first Christmas.  


Still looking for that perfect outfit for your Holiday Christmas Cards?  Don’t wait too much longer to order your Holiday set Peasant blouse and circle skirt in red and green reproduction prints from theMeasure

il_430xN_103528090 If your kids love stuffed animals as much as mine don’t skip over these Tis the Season Custom Minky Stuffie’s from LittleTumblebees


My girls would also have a blast playing with these gorgeous organic building BLOCKS natural colorful 24 piece wooden Walnut, Cherry and Maple set from littlesaplingtoys

il_430xN_67706800 This ‘Design your Own Starter Home’ from themercshop looks like a lot of fun too!  I’m sure any little girl would think so too!

Hope this helps to get you started on your Christmas shopping for baby!

Sunday Sunday

Due to an exhausting weekend running the Handcrafted Hoedown for the Holiday’s I’m postponing my gift giving guide post until tomorrow (Monday).  I want to make sure it’s good and just too tired to think about anything right now except what I have to get done. 

That being said, if you have any hard to buy for people you want me to ‘shop’ for tomorrow, make sure to leave a comment!

On a happy note, I got on my computer only to see my beautiful baby girl Cedi featured on the front page.  She’s my model for the Dachsund Child Apron that was in a gorgeous treasury from strandsoflight.cedifrontpage

Doesn’t she look adorable?!

Themed Thursday - DIY

Since I’m in the midst of major preparations for my 3rd Annual Hand Crafted Hoedown for the Holidays I thought it would be fitting to do a themed Thursday on some of the fabulous and fun looking DIY projects you can purchase on etsy

I’ll start with something for the ‘green’ lover.

il_430xN_103396114 A DIY Terrarium Kit, Great CHRISTMAS GIFT, Easy to Assemble, Comes with Full Instructions from WarmCountryMeadows.

il_430xN_103517818 This DIY Felt Sushi Set from umecrafts looks like super fun!  Plus would make some really cute stocking stuffers!

il_430xN_103509704 I’ve been drooling over StudioCherie’s travel duffel bags for weeks now (since I first discovered them) and now I find that she sells patterns!  Yeah!  I can make my very own Travel Duffle Bag!


I actually browse DIY quite a bit because I love kits.  It’s a good way for me to try a new type of craft out without investing too much in tons and tons of materials.  This Complete Kit In a Box from GooseGrease to make your own family of wooden dolls has caught my eye many time…I may have to give in soon…

il_430xN_100703845 You can never go wrong with a fun earring kit like Chasing Miss Scarlet from KCRLehrStudio

il_430xN_101259253My last DIY project I would like to highlight is from ImogensGarden for her Anya ePattern.  I’m sure my girlies would just love one of these fabulous dolls!

Etsy Front Page KeYwords – November 9th - 17th

Here you go!


  • harvest
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  • peppermint x 2
  • winter accessories x 2
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  • Holiday Decor
  • Eco-Friendly Fashion
  • Winter Holidays x 4
  • the harvest x 2
  • miniatures
  • heirlooms {would be a good tag for quilts…}
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  • a woodland holiday x 3
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  • November’s Birthstone: Citrine
  • a winter wedding



  • Personalized Gift Ideas
  • Environmentally Friendly Gift Ideas
  • Unique Gift Ideas
  • Holiday Gift Ideas x 23
  • Items Discovered by Pounce
  • One-of-a-kind Items
  • Items from the Etsy Artists of Color Street Team
  • Gifts under $50 USD
  • Gifts for Under $25 USD x 2
  • Recycled Gift Ideas
  • Gift Ideas for the World Traveler
  • Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids
  • Create an Etsy Holiday

New Product From Kim’s Crafty Apple – Custom Order a Patchwork Belt!

053I have an obsession with buying books.  I just love them…ecspecially books with different projects in them.  I recently purchased one with an adorable belt project in it.  I made the first one per instructions (not pictured here) and it turned out great BUT I had to modify a few things to make it easier and to make it look more professional.  Now that I have my technique tweeked, I am offering Patchwork Belts per Custom Order.

 054 The color scheme here is for a ‘Mocha Meringue Patchwork Belt’ – Made to Order.  The belt will be a random combination of fabric from the Mocha Meringue fabric collection from Marcus Brothers.  Everyone will be unique in the order and piece size but the general color and fabric scheme will remain the same. 056   The belt is 1.5” wide and comes with a double d-ring end.  You just have to weave the other side of the belt in and tighten to fit.

When you make your custom order I need you to measure your waist (or the waist of a comfortable pair of jeans) and add six inches.  Include that in your ‘Note to Seller’ when you purchase the belt and I will create your order from that. 061   With all the holiday activities and craft sales I’m involved in I would appreciate a week to make and ship out the belt.  I don’t think it will take that long but with two little kids it’s better to give more time than too little.  064 I would love to hear what you think of my newest creation!

Sunday Gift Guide – The Young, Fun, Hip Mother – aka ME!

This week’s Sunday Gift Guide is to help out folks that need to buy people like me gifts.  To know if you need to buy for a person like me I’ll help you out a little.

I am an under 30 mom of two little girls that stays home with them and runs her etsy shop.  I love to create, watch movies, read books, play airplane with my girls and nap.  Sometimes the beauty of colors in the world make me loose my breathe (or in fabrics).  If at all possible I would rather make something myself than buy it from a store.

With that…here’s some great gift ideas for a person like me (this is also for family members and friends who so desire to buy me a gift this holiday season *wink*).

il_430xN_96017003 My first wish is this Hot Pink and Peach Floral Brooch / Zipper Pin from ZipPinning.  I don’t usually wear brooches or pins but how could a crafty person not be in love with this flower made out of old zippers!  I just love the creativity and ingenuity used to create this item – I must have one!

il_430xN_102278634 I’m also a huge fan of hats, cowls, scarves, mittens, any fun accessories!  This Slouch Beanie Hat in Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Spice from BeautifulBridget has caught my eye many times in the past few weeks.

il_430xN_55338296 I also want this Elfin Hooded Scarf from PixieBell.

il_430xN_100564710 I think this Deep Magenta Crocheted Neck Cozy from CamilleMarie would keep my neck nice and warm and look fabulous with my new ‘art’ hair!

il_430xN_102601964I think this  Earring Sampler Kit no. 2 Flower Cluster Earrings Do It Yourself in Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue or Green from BellasBeadsandMore would be really fun to make.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a kit with all the pieces and you can just make something for yourself.  (PS.  I would chose an orange kit)

il_430xN_89853108I really love these  Recycled Magnetic Locket Sets from Polarity.  They’re just so unique and different…two things I LOVE!

il_430xN_93570272 I’ve been dreaming of this Patchwork tiered spin skirt from ChopstixWaits for months now.  I just love that it reminds me of a quilt but is still super cool looking. 

  • Key things to remember when buying for someone like me:
  • I love little, cutesy things that not many others will have
  • Supplies (ie fabric, beads, wire, etc) are always appreciated and WELCOME!
  • It’s hard to go wrong with anything cozy or a good book
  • handmade pottery items always, always rock!

If you are curious if something will work on not feel free to ask!


I’m still looking for more ideas in the Sunday’s to come…leave a comment!

Holiday Craft Fair

 today 026

If you are in the Middleton Area today make sure to stop by my aunt Becky’s Holiday Craft Fair. 

I was there yesterday morning and took pictures of the fabulous collection of handmade goods. 


Some of the things you’ll see are: today 013hand-crafted fall and winter decorations, today 020fused glass jewelry, today 022fused glass bottles and bowls, ornaments, greeting cards, candles, today 016handmade baskets, today 014purses, totes, pillows, today 015quilted/embroidered wall hangings, table runners, today 018towels, today 012jewelry from theApple, today 030baked goods and treats!

Complimentary coffee and refreshments.

Where: 7100 Spring Hill Dr., Middleton, Wisconsin

When: Saturday November 14, 2009  -  8:30 am - 4:00 pm

today 008 today 009  If you want to bring your kids I’m sure Becky will find them some fish food to feed to the fish they normally have in their backyard pond.  Due to winter weather they bring them in to a big tank…kids LOVE them!  (Trust me…feeding the fish beat out Build a Bear in my kid’s answer to ‘what did you do today?’)today 011 today 031today 074     As you can see…I only have a small fraction of the jewelry I make listed on my etsy store, theApple.  It’s good that I have a lot of inventory though…I still have three more sales to make it through!today 017  today 019    today 023  today 025  today 027 today 028      today 071     I hope you can find some time to stop by!

*some posts on this blog contain affiliate links to vendors such as Amazon - at no additional cost to you. The small amount of affiliate income I earn allows me to bring you free patterns and DIY tutorials, as well as pay for domain fees. For more information, please visit my Disclosure Statement and Advertising Policies page.