Blue Feet

I was away this past weekend at a quilt retreat held by my Husband’s aunt, aka, Quilts by Barb.  I returned home Sunday afternoon to a baby Capri with some very, very, very blue feet.  My husband’s reply…”It just happened.”  I felt that things could have been worse…the blue will come off and the girls enjoyed their weekend with Papa and Grandpa.

Later that evening I heard more of the story of the blue feet.  The girls were coloring at their table and Jared was helping customers at the store.  It got a bit busy and one of the customer’s seemed to be keeping an eye on the girls so he continued to run the register.  Then, that same customer came up and said, “I used to work with kids a lot.  You can get marker off easily if you rub soap over it first and then add the water.”  Jared looked at her confused.  Then he looked and saw Capri…blue feet.

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  1. Could be daughter once drew all over herself with sharpie...even on her little chest.


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