Cream Cheese Apple Wrap

I have stopped home for a shower and lunch (yes, I was at the gym this morning, pats myself on the back).  I am heading into Madison to run a few errands before my hair appointment and want to make sure I’m healthily full before I get there…all I can think about is Qdoba nacho’s…so good…but so should not have any today.  So, I had some yummy leftover chicken tetrazzini (I will make sure to post that recipe at a later date) and then I quick whipped myself up a yummy snack –

A Cream Cheese Apple Wrap.

Here's what you need:
2 small tortillas (1 pt. each...depending on the brand and variety...more fiber the lower the points...typically)
1 serving Weight Watcher Cream Cheese (1 pt.)
1/2 cup applesauce (nothing added) preferably from Lapacek's Orchard (1 pt)
Spread 1/2 serving of cream cheese on each small tortilla and spoon 1/4 cup of applesauce on each. Roll up like a taco, place on hot non-stick frying pan, grill until warm and a bit brown.
I think these taste absolutely fabulous! (4 pts for total snack!)

It’s really tasty and sort of is satisfying my Mexican craving (maybe it’s the tortilla?). 

Why did they have to put a Qdoba on the East side?  Wish me luck!

*SIDE NOTE*  While I finished up my snack wrap I went to the Qdoba website.  Something they have that is really sweet is a nutritional calculator…you can actually see how healthy you are eating…I definitely need to stay away from those nacho’s!  I’m sure I’ll have them sometimes…but definitely not on weigh in day!

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  1. This sounds tasty, I'm gonna have to try it. I'm planning on making apple sauce this weekend (from Lapacke's apples!!).


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